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Summary on Air Canada cancellation policy

Air Canada is Canada’s largest airline. The headquarters of Air Canada is located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It has a fleet size of 186. It operates its flights to 102 destinations in six continents across the world. It operates charter and scheduled flights for passengers as well as cargo.

While booking a ticket with Air Canada, cancellation policy, refund policy etc. should be checked. And while selecting a flight, a passenger should opt for refundable tickets instead of non-refundable one in order to avoid any mess in the future.

Air Canada cancellation policy within 24 hours!

  • The flights that are cancelled within a day of purchase, is fully refundable without any deduction of taxes.
  • In order to get the free cancellation, any changes in the ticket should be made within the day of purchase so that it does not cost any extra charges to the passengers.
  • This Air Canada cancellation policy is applicable to both refundable as well as non-refundable tickets.
  • If some issue is coming while cancelling or making changes in that given period, customer service should be contacted in that particular period so that the charges are not imposed on the ticket cancellation.
  • In case cancellation is done after 24 hours of purchase, current change fee will be imposed on the ticket. It is all regardless of reason of cancellation or when the tickets were purchased.
  • All the tickets purchased directly from Air Canada, will directly process the refund where required. Any of the tickets if issued through a travel agency or any other airline, refund request will be forwarded to them and they will process the refund.

About Air Canada refund policy

  • The airlines will process the 24 refunds (if any) by itself that includes the refunding the fees charged to the passengers that are optional and the passenger did not use it due to oversell situation or any flight cancellation.
  • The refund will be processed to the same account from which the payment of booking was made.
  • The Air Canada Cancellation policy 24 hourswill help in getting the full amount without any issue.
  • In the case of check or, am email is sent with a check in that.

The refund processes takes time as follows:

  • In case of credit card purchases, it starts within 7 daysof receiving the receipt and all the documents required for the refund claim.
  • In the case of cash or check, the refund starts within 20 daysof receiving the mandatory documents for claiming the refund.
  • And, in the case of Interact, 5 days will take after receiving the documents.

The details about the contact information of customer support of Air Canada are mentioned on the official website and can be used to contact. They will provide best solution for the queries and issues. 


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