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Know about Air Canada Pet policy

Air Canada is the Canada’s largest airline. The headquarters of Air Canada is located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It has a fleet size of 186. The flights are operated to 102 destinations across the world.

Find out below the procedure for Air Canada pet policy

If a passenger wants to travel with the airlines, they need to book a ticket. In the same way, if the passenger is travelling with a pet, it needs prior information to the airlines regarding the booking of pets. The Air Canada pet policy is as follows:

  1. If the passenger wants the pet to be in the cabin, then it will be in a carrier and is placed under the seat in front of the passenger.
  2. The conditions in which the pet cannot travel with the passenger in the cabin are listed below:
    • In case, the traveller is an unaccompanied minor during the travel.
    • The traveller is seated in a bulkhead row.
    • The traveller is travelling in the Premium Economy class.
  3. The passenger is allowed to travel with one small dog or cat in the cabin.
  4. When the passenger is not allowed to fly in the cabin along with the passenger, then it can be shifted to the cargo compartment which is comfortable.

In case, the pet is travelling alone, it would be accompanied by a number of animals and it falls under the Air Canada Pet Cargo. It ships a variety of animals and ensures the safety and comfort of the pets.

Know about the Air canada Pet fees and charges

The fees of carrying a pet in the flight varies according to the distance of travel, the size of the pet, the weight of the pet and it works according to the Air Canada airlines Pet fees.
For any other query or assistance, the customer support can be contacted. The executive will provide the complete knowledge about the solution of the query after collecting the information about the issue. The contact details for the same are provided on the official website of Air Canada where pet policy can also be found.


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