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American airlines cancellation policy

All about American airlines cancellation policy as well refund!!  

An American airline is the largest airline in the United States. The headquarters of American airlines is in Texas, United States. It operates its flights to 350 destinations across the world. It has a fleet size of 951.

In order to travel with American airlines, the ticket booking is required to avail the services of the airline. The American airlines cancellation policy is in the favor of the passengers. It has all the factors which provide the best services to the passengers. While booking a ticket with the airlines, the guest needs to enter the travel source and destinations so as to check the flights for the same. The guest is required to enter the travel date in order to check the availability of flights on that day, along with that the type of class is entered and total numbers of passengers are mentioned. After that the personal details of the passenger are required along with the mode of payment while confirming the booking. There are kind of tickets which are refundable, non-refundable and partially refundable. The American refund policy implies on refundable and partially refundable tickets.

The American airlines cancellation policy includes following factors:

  • If a refundable ticket that was booked through American airlines directly needs to be cancelled, then it can be cancelled forwarding a refund request online or by contacting the customer support.
  • If a credit card was used to make the payment, the refund will be in the original account within a week.
  • If payment is made through cash or check, refunded will be requested within 20 days. It will start processing after receiving the complete refund request.
  • In case a non-refundable ticket is bought, then the cancellation within a day would cost nothing but if cancellation is done after that, then it would be a completely non-refundable ticket.
  • If the airlines make any scheduled changes resulting in changes of one hour or more, or death of passenger or the travelling companion of passengers is the situation, it will result in a ticket that is refundable.
  • If a ticket is purchased through a travel agency, then in the case of refund for the cancellation should be enquired from them directly.

If any other query is there regarding the American airlines cancellation, customer support department can be contacted. The executives there will give the best of their knowledge in order to resolve the query and satisfy the passengers. The contact details are provided on the official website of American airlines.


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