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China Airlines cancellation policy

China Airlines or the Republic of China was established in 1959 by a retired air force officer; it is the largest airline of Taiwan. The airline company with a fleet of 88 is connecting us to 102 destinations across Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania. Mandarin Airlines and Tigerair Taiwan are the two subsidiaries of the airlines which has been bestowing impeccable passenger services. China Airlines is also acknowledged and appreciated for its user-friendly customer support which is featured with round the years’ assistance.

Is your travel plan cancelled?  

Have you cancelled your travel plan? Or maybe you are willing to do it for a significant change in your to-do list. We have come with essential tips for you that can help you in cancelling the ticket and getting the refund without many hassles. Today we will discuss both the China Airlines cancellation policy and refund policy.

What is china airlines cancellation policy?

Talk to your travel agency officers if you have bought your ticket from a travel agency. Please make a request of refund if you have purchased your ticket from China Airlines ticket counter. You are requested to apply for refund on-line if you have booked your ticket on China Airlines website and the whole itinerary hasn't been used yet.

What is china airlines refund policy? 

You will get your money back to your credit card account if you have bought tickets directly from China Airlines and paid with credit card. And the refunded amount will be returned back to the bank account or post office account of ticket holders if you have paid the amount by cash. However, the refund application will be accepted by China Airlines within two years after the date of ticket issuance. The day count starts from the date the refund application is received. The time duration required after the refund handling charge is deducted is 10 working days for Taiwan. And the duration as per China Airlines refund policy is the same for both cash and credit card option. You are requested to make an inquiry at your respective credit card issuing bank if the amount does not receive after 15 working days. Interestingly, the number of days required for the refund varies for different places on the basis of local rules and regulations.


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