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Frontier Airlines Cancellation Policy

Know about Frontier airlines cancellation policy and its refund

Frontier Airlines with the tagline “Low Fares Done Right” provides low cost travel to the destinations within USA, across Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico. If you have got your bookings done through Frontier Airlines, you can go through following to know about Frontier Airlines cancellation policy:

  • Frontier Airlines provides easy cancellation policy and you can apply for the cancellation and can get the refund upto 24 hrs after the purchase time but there are some exceptions like a traveler would not get refunds if ticket has been purchased for travel within 7 days. For getting the refund on cancellation, one can request for the refund on the customer care number or apply for the same on the Frontier website.
  • It is noteworthy to mention here that one my cancel all tickets for a full refund for upto 24 hrs after the purchasing time.

However, there is a change in game of rules for Frontier Airlines cancellation policy after 24 hrs of purchasing the ticket:

  • There is no charge applicable if the ticket purchasing time has been more than 90 days before departure.
  • However, charges vary from the time lapse between ticket booking and cancellation; also depend upon the boarding point and destination.

For detailed information on your booking, you can contact the customer care of Frontier Airlines and also, you can apply for the cancellation and request for refundability through Frontier airlines cancellation process and get the information about the same.

If you have purchased the Works and need to know about the Frontier Airlines refund policy, have the glimpse on the following to know about the same:

  • First of all, it is mandatory to mention here that The Works provides refunds.
  • One can request for refund on Frontier tickets by applying for online refund request form and one can also retain the purchase value for utilization within one year of the transaction date.
  • To request for refund, one may apply for online request form at the Frontier Airlines official website and it must be noted that in order to retain the ticket value, tickets must be cancelled prior to flight departure.
  • Also, if there has been failure to show for any flight or if there has been failure to cancel the flight ticket before any ticketed flight departure, then, these actions forfeit any remaining value of the ticket.

To apply for Frontier online cancellation, you can go through following procedure:

  • Go to official website of Frontier Airlines
  • On the Home Page, at the top most an option Travel can be located.
  • Click on My Trips under the option Travel.
  • Click on Manage Booking.
  • Under the Manage Booking, you would get the button Review/Change under the option My Trip.
  • Click on My Trip
  • Follow the on -screen instructions.

If you have any issue in using the online portal, you can contact the customer care department of Frontier Airlines and since, customer care executives of Frontier Airlines are adept, skilful, you get comprehensive and fast response towards your issues.

Also, you can get your tickets cancelled through customer care services; all you need to do is contact the customer service and you need to tell about your ticket number and other important information.

Later on, if you need to get your bookings done, you can do it through web portal or through customer service as well.

Choose Frontier Airlines for better flight experience!  


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