How do I change my name on Malaysia Airlines?

Suppose while booking the tickets on Malaysia Airlines, the passenger name may be typed incorrectly; in such case, the name can be corrected according to Malaysia Airlines' name change terms and conditions. For a passenger to travel without any hassles, it is a necessary condition that the spelling of the name on the ticket must be identical to the name on the verification documents given for booking. So kindly read the Malaysia Airlines name change policy and procedure to fix the error in the name.

Malaysia Airlines name change policy:

  • The name on the ticket must be exactly the documents provided for verifications and booking, like the driving license, passport, or other government-approved identity card. 
  • If the name is changed before the ticket is issued, it can be done without charges.
  • If the name is corrected after the issuance of the ticket, a name change fee will be payable by the passengers.
  • Only 3 characters can be changed in the name, including the middle and last name.
  • If there are more than 3 letters that need to be changed, the ticket has to be canceled and reissued.
  • The name can be changed only if the ticket is booked from the Malaysia website.
  • The incorrect name must be changed before check-in for the scheduled flight. 
  • The incorrect name must be corrected at least 12 hours before the flight's departure time.
  • Malaysia Airlines tickets are non-transferable; no other person can travel on the ticket with an incorrect name.

The process to change the name of Malaysia Airlines:

The online process to change the name: once you get to know that your ticket has been booked with a wrong spelling, you can fix the mistake conveniently online. To correct the wrong name, you can follow a simple online procedure for Malaysia Airlines ticket name change in the easy steps given below:

  • Visit the official webpage of Malaysia Airlines at
  • Click on the “Manage” tab on the homepage
  • Enter the booking reference code and the traveler’s last name
  • Find the complete booking detail on the screen
  • Choose the name change option from the list
  • Correct the wrong letters that must not exceed 3 letters
  • Enter the proof of the correct name for verification
  • Pay the name change fee, if necessary 
  • Follow the further instructions on the screen to complete the procedure
  • Get an email from Malaysia Airlines regarding the change of name.
  • The ticket will be reissued with your correct name on the same PNR number.

Call to get the name changed: If you cannot go through the online process, call Malaysia Airlines customer service and request assistance. The customer service person can guide you to correct the name and fix the issue. To request Malaysia airlines name change, try the following steps:

  • Call on 1800 102 7778
  • Hear the IVR to connect with a customer service person directly
  • Request for assistance on the change of passengers name 
  • Provide the government-approved identity proof as evidence for the correct name
  • Pay the name change fee as needed
  • give the details of the payment to the customer service person
  • Get a confirmation from the person on the change of the incorrect name.
  • The customer service person will also give you the other relevant information regarding the change of name.

Malaysia Airline name change fee:

Malaysia Airlines do not charge a fee for a change of an incorrect name if it is done immediately after booking. However, an amount of Malaysia Airlines name change fee of USD 125 - USD 350 can be charged if the name is changed closer to the flight’s departure.

Hence to rectify the incorrect name, please refer to the elaborations above and gather information on the name change and go for a smooth boarding procedure at the airport.

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