How Do I Contact Air Canada Customer Service


Air Canada is known for its two ways customer support feedback services. You can literally ping them anytime 24x7 or even call for all types of reservation related doubts. The customer support team of the Canada Air can be contacted with the help of the below given mediums.

Steps To Contact The Customer Care Team of The Air Canada

The reservation helpline number

In case you call on the Air Canada phone number then you would be able to talk to the customer support team live. The reservation booking number of Air Canada works in all the regions where Air Canada operates its daily flights and you can call them sitting in any corner of the world.

In case there is any reservation policy which you are not getting, then you can call on the helpline number even for the second time and get it fixed easily.

Email or the live chat

You can even drop a message to the support team of the Air Canada on the live chat. In case you don’t hear from the customer care team of the Air Canada on the live chat then you can even hear from the support team on email. You can exchange emails with the support team anytime you wish.

Social media platforms

If you frequently fly with the Air Canada then you can stay updated with all the latest policies of the Air Canada by following its social media handle such as Instagram and Twitter. The support team will reach out to you if you drop a DM to them. 

And therefore that’s all how you can avail the services of the Air Canada customer service.

Air Canada is the most sought after option when it comes to affordable and comfortable flying. The flights offered by Air Canada allow individuals a scope through which they are able to make reservations at cheaper fares. With Air Canada, the passengers get what they pay for and that is why it is a popular option among the travellers who are travelling on a budget.  

In case you are interested in making reservations with Air Canada then you have come to the exact right place. Today in this paper we are going to cover what one needs to do in case they would like to contact Air Canada. So follow until the end and get started. 

Contact Air Canada By Phone

There are a plethora of options available that are going to help you in communicating with the customer care representatives at Air Canada.

  • The passengers have three options available that would allow you to get in touch with the customer care and the support team at Air Canada. You could connect with the customer care representatives by emailing them on the email address provided by the airline. 
  • Another option that would allow you a scope through which the passengers are able to get in contact with the customer care and the support team is through the live chat option. 

However, it is recommended to call the customer care representative as the customer care representatives are available round the clock. Calling customer care representatives is still a better option that allows individuals a scope through which they are able to discuss all their doubts and problems with the customer care representatives.

All you need to do is dial Air Canada phone number that is mentioned down under:

1 (888) 247-2262 and you will connect with the Support team or the customer care representatives at Air Canada. I hope this helps with Air Canada customer care service and support.

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