How to Get Cheap Flights to Beijing

Beijing is the capital city of China and is the ancient city that preserves China’s art and ancient work as the heritage site. This city is the combination to the historical sites and commercial shopping centres on the other side. One can get the direct flight to Beijing from its nearest airport as Beijing is a prominent city for the exploration among tourists all year round. Beijing capital airport serves as the destination to around 120 flights and comes under the largest airport of China.

If you are planning to visit Beijing then you can plan your trip in the autumn season (September and October) as this has relatively favourable temperatures. Otherwise, you can visit Beijing throughout the year. Everyone wants to enjoy their trip if it is pocket-friendly and you can read along to get to know how to book cheap flights to Beijing.

Best time to fly with direct flights to Beijing

You can visit Beijing all year round but as is experiences chilly winters during December and January, you can avoid visiting during this time. To book the flights you can either book in off-season or travel during the odd hours.  

  1. Off-season: October through December is the rainy season and people avoid travelling during this time and hence flight tickets drop down and you can book during this time.

  2. Peak Season: The festival season can be peak season where the flights and hotels are packed with tourists. If you also want to visit during this time then you can try to book the tickets 1-2 weeks prior.

  3. You can also travel during the odd hours like early morning and late night flights.

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