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Jeju is an Island in South Korea. The island is famous for its beaches, resorts, landscapes and more specially the caves like lava tubes  under the Hallasan Mountain which is an inactive volcano. These caves were designed under a system  there years back when the volcano was active  and UNESCO is now preserving them. People can enjoy the beaches, sea food , trekking and visiting these caves of lava tubes. The island is rich in natural landscapes and best weather.  This is the most popular holiday destination among millions of people. Over 10 million people visit Jeju island every year according to the latest survey. It is largest island of South Korea and its nineth largest province. For its beaches and resorts, it is also popular as "Hawaii of  South Korea ".

Best Time to Fly

As South Korea experiences four seasons around the  year, every season has its own beauty. the overall temperature of South Korea is moderate so person can plan to visit Jeju island any time in the year from January to December. Still if person is going for outdoor adventure then it requires a clean weather so September to November is the best time for that.

Places to Visit

Beaches and resorts are popular in Jeju but many attractions are there , which person should plan to visit. Few of them are :

Hallasan National Park

Manjanggul Cave

Jeongbang Waterfall and Chieonjiyeon Waterfall

Hallim Park

Jeju Glass Castle



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