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Tehran is one of the largest cities in the Middle East and it serves Iran's business culture for more than 200 years. Look around Tehran's city and catch the glimpse of the city's traditional structure as well as the breathtaking Alborz mountain range on the northern side. The Grand Bazaar and the stunning Golestan Palace with the beautiful gardens are the most popular and historical sites of the city.

How to get cheap flight tickets to Tehran?

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Is Tehran worth visiting?

If you are still thinking Is Tehran worth visiting? Yes, it is totally worth it to visit Tehran. Tehran has so many places to visit like historical places such as Golestan Palace from the Qajar period and the Saadabad Palace. Tehran city has different amazing parks and gardens where you can walk and relax. 

What Are the Places to Visit Tehran?

Well, Tehran is the most attractive city for tourists. So, if you are planning to Tehran, then you should know there the famous places to visit, once you arrive there through cheap flight tickets to Tehran

Here is a list of some tourist places in Tehran, which you must visit after entering there:-

The Grand Bazaar

National Museum of Iran

Milad Tower (Borj-e Milad)

Azadi Tower (Borj-e Azadi)

Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art

The National Jewelry Treasury

Glassware Museum of Tehran

Tajrish Bazaar

Valiasr Street

Jamshidieh Stone Garden

Sepahsalar Mosque

Emanzadeh Saleh

Mount Tochal

Park-e Jamshidieh

Shahr-e Rey center

How can I have fun in Tehran?

If you are thinking of visiting Tehran City and want to have fun around the city, but don’t know about the places and thinking How can I have fun in Tehran? Don’t worry we will tell you the top fun and interesting things to do in Tehran:

Best freehand fun things to do in Tehran

  • Go to Award-winning Visit Award-Winning Tabiat Bridge.
  • Visit Iranian Artists Park
  • Go to Tehran Grand Bazaar.
  • Go to The National Garden, Bagh Melli.
  • Go to Tehran City movies Theaters
  • Walk around in Darband.

Is it safe to fly to Tehran?

If you are thinking of visiting Tehran and thinking Is it safe to fly to Tehran? Then the answer is yes! Tehran is very safe for tourists; you will get to see different amazing places. You will get to see that the people of Tehran are very friendly and welcoming.

Best time to visit Tehran

The best time to visit Tehran is at the time of spring and autumn. You will find the best temperature in around March until May and in late September to early November. Avoid winter because at that time the temperature can be very cold.

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