How to book group flight tickets at Aer Lingus?

The Ireland international air carrier Aer Lingus is a top-notch airline with multiple booking options for travelers' preferences. When traveling in a group for business or a vacation, it is always better to make group bookings with the airline. Aer Lingus offers special fares and facilities for group booking with them and has added separate policies. This guide includes all the information related to Aer Lingus group booking, such as the essential policies, different ways to make the booking, and the procedure to obtain a boarding pass.

Aer Lingus group booking policies

The policies that are applicable for booking group flight tickets at Aer Lingus are as follows:

  • There must be 7 to 25 members in the group to book the tickets on the Aer Lingus group flight ticket category to avail of the benefits.

  • The discount for your group travel will be provided based on the size of the group and on the flight routes.

  • All the passengers' names of the group can be added to the bookings ten days before the flight's scheduled date.

  • No children discounts will be available on the Aer Lingus group booking as a child must be added as an adult in this category on the flight.

  • A passenger flying with an infant can add the same on the group reservation by contacting the Aer Lingus group official directly.

  • The advance seat selection option will be provided on the group booking with Aer Lingus once the booking is completed by adding the passengers' names.

Different ways for booking group flight tickets at Aer Lingus

Several group booking options are present at Aer Lingus, which are described separately in the following context:

Website Group Booking:

The best way to book your group flight at Aer Lingus is with the help of the website. This is the easiest online way to find the best deals and flights at your own pace. Now, the instructions that you will be required to follow for the website group booking are as follows:

  • Go on the official site of Aer Lingus first,

  • Choose the Book tab from the top menu on the homepage,

  • Now, tap on the "Groups" option followed by "Booking Online" key to divert to the group booking flight search page, 

  • As the page loads, you can put the destination requirements, select the traveling dates, set the number of passengers in your group,

  • Click the "Search Flights" key, and the available flight list will load on the site,

  • Select the flight you like to book, and after checking the details, tap on the Continue button,

  • Put the group name and trip contact on the landed page and continue following the instructions,

  • Your group booking will be confirmed as you complete the Aer Lingus payment. 

Request Quote for Group Booking:

One can directly take assistance from an agent at the Aer Lingus Group Booking department to request a quote. This method is for those with additional requirements for their trip and any passenger on the group who wants special assistance for the flying journey. Requesting a quote directly from an agent helps obtain a customized flight booking option. Here are the essential instructions you need to follow to request a group booking quotation:

  • Visit the following site:,

  • You will find the quotation form on the page,

  • First, provide the Group Coordinator with information suitably,

  • Then, add your flight requirements to the given column,

  • For any special request, you can write the same in the provided space,

  • Now, click the "Request a Quotation" button on the page,

  • Your request will be shared with the Aer Lingus group booking department within 48 hours; you will get the quote to proceed with the reservation. 

Contact Aer Lingus 

A person may directly contact Aer Lingus at the group booking department and make a direct request from the official person. It is also a great way to learn about the Aer Lingus group booking discount you may get by sharing the requirements with the official person. The number for the concerned department is (516)-622-4045, where you will find an official for direct communication. Another way to contact Aer Lingus is by emailing the required information to [email protected].

How to check in for the group booking flight at Aer Lingus?

The passengers of the group booking can separately check in for the flight online and obtain the Aer Lingus group booking boarding pass. The online check-in option will open 24 hours before the reserved flight and will only be applicable when all the passenger names are confirmed on the booking. 

How to add passengers to the group booking with Aer Lingus?

Once the group booking is confirmed at Aer Lingus, the names of the passengers and other needed things can be added to the same. For this, one must use the Aer Lingus manage booking option on the site, which provides you with updating the passenger information with the existing booking. 

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