Everything you need to know about pet policy at Air New Zealand!

You can book an Air New Zealand flight by keeping your confidence in them as the airline is the state's flag carrier. The airline understands how important a pet can be for its owners, which is why Air NZ has introduced a flexible pet policy.

As per the Air New Zealand pet policy, if the crate and pet's weight is near 25 kgs, you must pay an additional NZD 75. And, if they weigh 26 kgs or more, travelers would have to pay NZD 100. Take a look at the below-discussed section to get detailed information about the pet policy of Air NZ. 

Pet Policy at Air New Zealand

There are some pet policies that every traveler must abide by if they are willing to carry their pet with them. Some of the policies are given below, check it out-

  • At Air New Zealand, you are not allowed to carry a pet in its main cabin. However, if you wish to transport your animal, you must carry them in a cage or crate.
  • If you are a differently-abled person and accompanied by a trained animal, you are allowed to carry but ensure that they sit at your feet. The animal must have an authentic certification issued by a trustworthy and professional service animal institution in such a situation.
  • The Air New Zealand pet travel international terms and conditions state that if your pet is too large to fit under your seat, then the airline is allowed to shift your pet as checked baggage to the cargo section of the flight.
  • Air New Zealand does not allow all the pets to travel with them like you can carry only cats, dogs, and small birds.
  • Passengers must check their pet in at the Air NZ passenger ticket counter at least one hour before the flight takes off.
  • Your pet must be vaccinated appropriately and should be at least 16 weeks old so that Air New Zealand does not have to provide any additional assistance to your pet.

Air New Zealand pet travel cost 

The Air New Zealand pet travel cost depends on the flight you have chosen and the length of the journey. At Air New Zealand, the cost to carry a pet ranges between $75 and $100, depending on your pet's weight. Also, you can try contacting the airline if you need professional assistance with the pet policy set across by Air New Zealand.

Official weblink: https://www.airnewzealand.com

Regarding pet policy visit: https://www.airnewzealand.com/travelling-with-pets


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