How to book a group travel ticket for Allegiant Airlines?

Allegiant Air is an ultra-low-cost carrier (ULCC) that operates scheduled and charter flights in the United States. Also, it is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, and it is well known for its fare services, but it also charges fees for many services that are typically the price of a ticket on the airlines. However, due to promoted services, you plan to travel with Allegiant Airlines throughout the group. For this, you seek an Allegiant Airlines group booking contact to get the information regarding the group travel with this airline. Therefore, this article will readily help you know about it; you should track it.

Allegiant Airlines Group booking terms and conditions

Consequently, Allegiant Airlines offers two types of group booking through charters and group rates; however, if you seek to learn about its group booking terms and conditions, there are some reliable points that you need to read out.

  • A charter requires a minimum of 40 travelers, while 10 are necessary for group rates.

  • Group bookings may have stricter requirements than individual bookings.

  • Available for groups of 10 or more passengers traveling on regularly scheduled Allegiant flights.

  • Group rates are typically lower than the standard published fares, but there may be restrictions on changes and cancellations.

  • Charters allow you to reserve the entire aircraft, with your choice of airport and departure time.

  • Charter rates vary on the size and number of the group members, the aircraft type, and the itinerary.

  • All group bookings must be arranged for smooth reservation confirmation and check-in.

  • Payment is required in full at the time of booking.

  • Cancellations of the group tickets are allowed within 24 hours of booking, and if the flight is one week away, we will proffer a full refund.

  • After 24 hours of making cancellations of group reservations, you didn't get a full refund because the fare may be non-refundable, but you will get it remaining in credit in the voucher form.

  • Cancelation of the group tickets within seven days of flying the flight; there is no credit.

  • The trip Flex option provides more flexibility but must be purchased at booking.

  • Group rates are less flexible than charters; changes may come with fees.

  • Changes in the group reservation ticket are available by paying additional airline costs.

  • You need to pay the charges for making or adding the luggage, seat selection, or more in group reservations.

How do you make a group reservation with Allegiant Airlines?

If you are looking to make a group reservation with Allegiant Airlines, as per the policy, there are two modes to book a group travel ticket for Allegiant Airlines, which depends on the group size; the information you get is by considering the points below.

For Groups of 10 or more passengers-

You can email the Allegiant charters department or call the Allegiant group travel phone number at (702) 505-8888. there, you need to share the following information which is:

  • The number of passengers in your group

  • The type of trip you are planning (leisure, sports team, family reunion)

  • Your desired destinations and travel dates

  • Any other relevant information, like preferred seating arrangements or meal requests

  • The customer service agent will contact you soon and help you make a reservation quickly.

For Groups of less than ten passengers-

  • You can book individual tickets online through the Allegiant Airlines website.

  • You can use the website to search for flights, select seats, and add Allegiant group booking baggage and other options.

  • It is important to note that Allegiant does not offer any discounts or group rates for groups of less than ten passengers.

  • Ensure you book your tickets as quickly as possible, as Allegiant's fares often increase closer to the travel date.

Make Group booking online: This process is generally used for groups of 10 or more passengers, so there are some steps that you need to pursue:

  • Visit the Allegiant Group travel website

  • Specify your departure and arrival airports, travel dates, and the number of travelers in your group

  • Tap on the "Search" button, and the airline will show you available flight options for your group.

  • Choose the outbound and return flights that work best for your group.

  • There, you must enter the passenger's details, name, contact info, and special needs for every passenger.

  • Re-check all the details and confirm your reservation. Continue to pay the charges for your group reservation and receive its confirmation over your phone.

Make Individual Bookings: It is generally used for allegiant group booking smaller than ten or with complex itineraries; you can make individual reservations for each passenger.  However, if you seek how to make it, there are a few simple steps that are situated below:

  • Launch the Allegiant Airlines site.

  • Use the standard booking process for each traveler, and select the same flight options for everyone.

  • After reservation of the individual tickets, contact the Allegiant group travel agent and inform them you are traveling as a group. They can link your reservations for more accessible communication and seat block requests.

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