Can I cancel my American Airlines flight?

American Airlines is one of the premier airlines in the United States. It flies and connects to all the major destinations across the globe. American Airlines offers a top-notch inflight entertainment system as well as mouth-savouring delicacies.

However, if specific scenarios come up due to which you have to cancel your flight with American Airlines, then, in that case, you have the option of American airlines cancellation. Kindly follow the steps to know the cancellation policy of American Airlines.

Cancellation policy of American Airlines

  • If you cancel your flight within twenty-four hours of the booking, and there is a gap of seven or more days between the date of departure and the booking date, then no cancellation charges will be levied on your ticket. You are also eligible for a refund.
  • If you cancel your flight within twenty-four hours of the booking, and the departure date is within seven days of the booking, then cancellation charges are levied on your ticket, and you are not eligible for a refund.
  • If you cancel your flight after twenty-four hours of the booking, and the departure date is after seven days, cancellation charges are levied on your ticket, and you are not applicable for a refund. Therefore this is the American airlines cancellation policy. 

What are the flight cancelation charges at American Airlines?

American Airlines is one of the major airlines known for providing services in many scenic destinations considered worldwide. The airline strives to give an unforgettable journey to its passengers by leveraging them with impressive amenities and facilities. The best thing to consider about American Airlines is finding all the solutions online and even canceling your flight reservation in case of uncertainties.

If you need to proceed with the American Airlines cancellation but do not know its way, this article can help you out efficiently. So, enjoy the flexible flight experience by booking a ticket with American Airlines.

Cancellation terms and conditions of American Airlines

The cancellation terms and conditions at American Airlines are released to make your journey even more flexible and feasible. If you wish to cancel the flight reservation, you might be subject to some penalty. Below given is detailed information about the fare charge and how you can avoid paying those charges:

  • If you are looking forward to canceling a non-refundable American Airlines ticket, you should be ready to pay some applicable cancellation charges.
  • If you have booked a domestic flight, you would have to pay around $200, and $750 is the required amount if you want to cancel an international flight.
  • Nevertheless, at American Airlines, you cannot cancel a basic economy ticket, but you can cancel it within a day after you book the ticket.
  • The airline deducts the appropriate amount if you cancel a non-refundable flight, and the rest is credited to the passenger’s registered account number.
  • American Airlines allows you to obtain a full refund on your canceled flight only if you do it within the 24 hours golden rule.
  • Passengers can only get the refund amount in the original payment form they used while booking a flight.
  • If you paid using a credit card for the booking and now wish to cancel the ticket, the airline credits the refund amount within seven business days of the cancelation request.
  • Using another payment form other than a credit card might take around 20 working days to credit the refund amount.
  • The airline would accept the cancelation request only if you booked the ticket using the American Airlines website, application, or physical ticket counter.

The American Airlines cancellation fee depends on the type of fare you selected while booking the flight and requesting the cancellation. You can also contact the ever-present travel consolidator of American Airlines, who can guide you to cancel the flight in real-time.

Procedure to Cancel your flight on American Airlines

  • Go to the American Airlines website.
  • Locate the Manage my booking tab at the top middle of the page and click on it.
  • Subsequently, you land on my booking page, where you need to enter your PNR or the booking reference number and your last name.
  • The details are retrieved on the page, where you can select the ticket you want to cancel. 
  • After you have cancelled the ticket, a confirmation message is dispatched to your email address and via a text message on your phone. 

If any other query is there regarding the American airlines cancellation, the customer support department can be contacted. The executives there will give the best of their knowledge in order to resolve the query and satisfy the passengers. The contact details are provided on the official website of American airlines.


Official weblink:

Regarding cancellation:

Customer Service: 800-433-7300


  • Customer Reviews
    • review-image
          • Elaine Johnston
      • UEDKTV Please cancel my flight from Richmond, VA, to San Francisco, CA, April 8 - April 20, due to the coronavirus and the shelter-in policy enforcement in Marin County, CA, my destination, and also now in Virginia. Thank you!

    • review-image
          • Elaine Johnston
      • Please cancel my flight UEDKTV to San Francisco and returning to Richmond, VA, due to the coronavirus and "shelter in" currently in place in Marin County, CA, my destination, and as well, now in Virginia. April 8 from Richmond, Flight 4802 8:23am; Philadelphia Flight 594 11:20am April 20 from San Francisco, "changed" Flight 1960 7:02am; Charlotte on "changed" Flight 5316 4:10pm

    • review-image
          • Nancy E Hunt
      • Please cancel my roundtrip flt. To RNO. Locator is ETUYXW .I bought trip protection,policy #AMR00218525942.Due to Corona Virus,I'm cancelling. Thanks.please e-mail my cancelation request and reimburse payment to my credit card.

    • review-image
          • Linda Ferrell
      • Cancel Flight please. Reason Virus people is being let off at DFW. Res. Code U5LD35 Airline comf. code UKONHC Ticket Number 7445872355

    • review-image
          • Daniel Joseph
      • American just canceled my flight from Atlanta to Cap Haitian without any explanation just 5 hours prior my departure time. Is that how it goes? Kick people off anytime you want with no explanation?

    • review-image
          • Judith Backs
      • You say you can print boarding passes, but I do not find a place to do that.

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