How do I get an extra seat on Avianca?

Avianca is defined as the leading airline in Latin America and has more than 132 routes. After paying a reasonable cost for Avianca tickets, you will not want to bear any discomfort during the flight trip. For a comfortable flight journey, you must focus on the Extra Seat Avianca Airlines facility and its overall prices. Also, you can check the preferred spacious seats available from the airline's official page or inquire about it through the customer agents. Extra seats at Avianca allow you to sit without any further adjustments.

Select Extra seats at Avianca while Online booking:

You can pre-select extra desired seats at Avianca at the time of booking. So, with the help of the following options, you can add seats while booking at Avianca Airlines.

  • Visit the Avianca Airlines Home Page:

  • Fill in all the necessary details for flight booking, such as trip types, seat class, origin, destination, and travel date.

  • Now follow the rest of the booking procedures, and before making any payments, check the seat map.

  • Choose the preferred extra seats of your choice from the available options.

  • Finally, make the successful payments for both tickets and selected extra seats.

  • You will have a confirmation code in your Email about the flight booking and preferred selected seats.

Select Avianca Airlines Extra Seats during Online Check-In:

Seat selection during online Check-in is possible only if you have previously booked Avianca flight tickets and are looking for more space. So, to have Avianca Extra Legroom Seats during Online Check-In, you have to focus on the given correct procedures.

  • Get through the Avianca Airline's original website.

  • After reaching the Airline's Web page, choose the "Manage Your Booking from Your Booking" option.

  • Again, you can click the seat selection on the Manage Your Booking page.

  • You can now fill in your Booking Code and Last Name to select the Seat.

  • You can check the Extra Seat from the Map when the flight details are open.

  • Pick the unoccupied Extra seats of your choice.

  • Make some payments for the selected seats if applied.

  • Thus, you will find Extra seats on Avianca flights before departure.

Are there any conditions for Avianca Airlines seat selection:

Any seat selection you make at Avianca Airlines follows the guidelines. Otherwise, if you do not remember valid rules while selecting the seats at Avianca, you may experience some service problems. While using the flights, you should go with the Avianca Extra Legroom Seats Rules to have the possible space to enjoy the journey without compromising any uneasiness. Some of the Avaicna Airlines seat selection essential rules are suggested in the below points.

  • You can select the Extra seats in the same class anytime during reservation or when online Check-in is available.

  • According to Avianca Airlines' policy, there are 5 seats: Business, Premium, Plus, Economy, and Exit Windows.

  • While choosing the Premium seats at Avianca Airlines, you can sit in the first 3 rows.

  • You cannot choose the Exit Windows seats in case of pregnancy, medical issues, and those below 15 years.

  • To sit at Emergency Exit Window seats, you must have good knowledge of English and Spanish.

  • Moreover, random seats will be provided when you do not reserve the seats at Avianca.

What are the benefits of choosing Extra seats at Avianca Airlines?

With Extra space on the flight, you can relax and have several benefits. However, the Avianca Extra Legroom Seats Benefits have long lists, some of which are described here as points.

  • Premium seats allow more space and better reclining, which comforts the backbone.

  • After having the extra space, you can move your legs instead of bending them for long times.

  • Similarly, while choosing the Plus seats, you have extra space and adjustable headrests.

  • You can have a bed-like experience with Business class seats with 165° to 185° recline.

What is Avianca Plus seating?

Avianca Airlines allows the Plus seat selection option with extra horizontal space but does not have any Legroom as per the plane structure. However, instead of selecting the Avianca Plus Seats Leg Room, you will still have the edge in terms of more space. Also, the Plus seats on Avianca flights are between the 4th and 14th rows and have enough reclining. The Seat also comes with an independent headrest, USB Port, and electronics stand.

Does Avianca Extra Legroom Seat have any cost?

Yes, you have to pay some additional costs to have extra space on the plane. The average Avianca Extra Legroom Seats Price may vary from approximately $25 to $150 per passenger for all seat class types and routes. So, check the prices from its official websites before getting Extra Legroom seats.

Thus, choose any seats, including Extra Legroom or Exit windows only, per the strict rules.

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