How do I book a flight for a group of people at Avianca?

Are you planning to reserve seats for a group of people but unaware of the process? The following page is a helpful resource to learn about the Avianca Group Booking procedure, how to make Avianca group booking, the policy, and some ways to get through Avianca customer service. Utilize the information to plan your trip and enjoy the ever-smooth experience. 

Group Booking rules and guidelines:

Before jumping to make the reservations, you must know the rules behind the group booking to take full advantage of the group booking benefits. Here are some salient features of Avianca's group booking policy given below in an easy-to-understand way.

  • To be eligible for a group booking, you must fly with at least ten companions, including adults, children, and infants.

  • Within 48 hours of entering information in your group booking form, you will soon get the offers in your email.

  • The payment for the group travel has been divided into two parts: your initial deposit is a must, and the later payment will be made before your flight departure.

  • You must pay within the given time frame; otherwise, your slots may be canceled. Avianca regularly sends alerts and messages, so kindly pay attention to it.

  • Avianca Group bookings also come up with Voluntary changes people can make or request. Kindly contact the customer support team regarding any such changes.

  • Routing changes can also be permitted, but you may have to bear the fare difference and re-issuance fee.

  • Each time you make the changes, you will be issued a new flight itinerary and a confirmation will be dispersed.

  • In case of cancellation of the group reservation, your refund will be reimbursed according to the policy to the ticket holder by the same mode of original payment.

Avianca Baggage allowance Group booking

Usually, all group bookings made with Avianca Airlines are quoted exclusively with Classic Farre type. Some points are shared according to Avianca group booking baggage for Classic fare rules.

  • Avianca has the same classic fare for the baggage allowance for group reservations. 

  • For light fare, your baggage includes one personal item to carry.

  • For classic and flex fare types, your baggage allowance includes one carry-on(10 kg), personal item, and checked baggage(23kg).

  • You can check two bags up to 32 kg for business fare with one personal bag and carry-on.

How do I make a group booking in Avianca?

To make a reservation of more than ten people, let’s discuss how you can make a reservation quickly. There are specific techniques that will help you with doing so.

Group reservation via form.

Usually, Avianca accepts group booking requests made through the Avianca booking form. If you need to make a reservation, follow the steps below to start the group reservation process.

  • Reach, go to the menu option, choose Offers and Destination, and then select the Groups Booking tab.

  • Tap on the online form and continue with the process by entering the trip and passenger information.

  • Then, submit it, and a ticket will be created. Soon, you will receive a quote from the airline on your registered email.

  • Afterward, You need to confirm your booking, and then they will help you guide the payment process, and your group booking will be made.

Group booking via phone call.

Another way to make a group reservation is by calling Avianca group booking contact number at 1 800 722 8222. Later, you will be connected with the Avianca group booking representative by following the general calling process. Avianca agents will guide you throughout the process and help you to get your reservations of people done. 

Via reaching the airport.

You will reach the airport office and initiate your group reservation there by asking the ground staff in the following method. They will tell you whether the spots are available, and based on that, you can confirm the reservation.

What is the Avianca group reservation telephone number?

If you want to make a group booking by making phone calls, kindly dial 1 800 722 8222 and then follow the instructions given on the call and talk to the representative.

Is Avianca group booking cheaper?

Yes, when you book flight tickets individually, then it would be more expensive than group booking. Also, group bookings have some special perks and deals that make it cheaper than individual flight tickets.


This helpful content taught you about Avianca group booking online and offline processes and the group fare rules. To know more about group bookings, kindly contact customer service.


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