China Eastern Reservations

China Eastern Airlines is one of the best airlines that offer a large number of flights from Europe to a number of destinations. This article will give you detailed information about everything that you need to know about the respective airlines like its China Eastern reservations, baggage policy, and cancellation policy, etc. Read ahead for the detailed information.

Reservation procedures about China Eastern airlines

To note all the important information regarding China Eastern booking, the passenger who is planning to fly with China Eastern should place a call to the sales office of China Eastern airlines who are always ready to assist the customers regarding the best deals and offers that they can avail. Also, a passenger can book nine tickets to the maximum in one go with China Eastern. For the steps to make the reservations, he or she can have a look at the following steps.

Steps to reserve tickets at China Eastern:

• Open a web browser of your choice to surf for the official website of China Eastern.
• Once you open the official website of China Eastern, log in to your account if you have one,
• If you don’t have an account, sign up for the new account.
• Once you sign up, you will be redirected to a page where the option of booking a flight will be displayed.
• Now first you need to select the origin and destination of your itinerary.
• Suitable dates are to be mentioned in the next column of Depart and Return.
• The last blank is to fill the no. of travellers and the class of flight that you want to avail.
• Once you fill in all the given blanks, you will be shown all the available flights out of which you can choose one for you.

This is how you make reservations on China Eastern Airlines. The next information will be about the baggage allowance at China Eastern Airlines.

Baggage Allowance at China Eastern:

Baggage allowance with China Eastern has been discussed in the below points, read ahead carefully.

• Free baggage will be allowed to be carried by average passengers and members. Accurate measurements and details of all the bags allowed to be taken can be checked from the official website of China Eastern Airlines.
• The passengers who are already enjoying discounted infant fares are not eligible to avail of the free baggage policy.
• A passenger who has already purchased a non-occupied infant ticket is then eligible to have one free piece of checked baggage weighing the same as that of the adult.

China Eastern baggage policy is quite friendly with the passengers that are flying with the respective airlines. Next is about the cancellation policy with China eastern, read carefully for details.

Cancellation Policy at China Eastern Airlines

The below points will give you all the detailed information about how the cancellation is done with China Eastern. Undoubtedly, it is a hassle-free experience. You just have to read the below-mentioned points.

• An unused ticket can be cancelled without any cancellation policy if the cancellation is filed within 24 hours of reservations.
• A partially used flight ticket is eligible to be refunded after subtracting the flight fare that has been used and the applicable refund fee.
• In case of a group booking, unused tickets are not refunded but the taxes that were applied on the tickets were refunded.

So, this is all about China Eastern cancellation policy. In case you need any further information regarding any aspect while planning a trip via china Eastern, you are free to contact the help desk via phone call, live chat, or email support.


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