Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy says for extra baggage

Hawaiian Airlines is the flag carrier airline service of Hawaii which is one of the states in Hawaii. The airline is the largest Hawaiian airlines which are headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaii and consists of 66 aircraft in its fleet. These aircraft are used to operate scheduled services to over 28 destinations and is known for its commendable service. Having booked your flight tickets with this airlines you will not be disappointed by the service and in fact will be encountering a totally new travel experience. When you are travelling abroad for a staycation, shopping, visiting relatives or friends or many other reasons then you wish to look your best and do not want to miss any important items. But you also are not aware that how much you should carry then to know this you can read the article further.

Keep Calm and Get to Know What To Carry?

To avoid any hassle for baggage during the check-in at the airport you pack your luggage according to allowed baggage policy. Below is the mentioned Hawaiian airlines baggage policy.

Find Out How Much to Carry in Checked Baggage

Checked baggage is the baggage that contains all integral items that are required for the journey. This baggage can be in the form of big suitcases, bags and etc. To carry this bag there is certain limits and dimension which you have to adhere to. Following is the luggage allowance from the airlines. 

  • The baggage is measured by adding the total number of dimensions in linear inches/centimetres.
  • The total linear dimension allowed is 62 inches. 
  • The passengers are allowed to carry one piece of bag weighing not more than 32 kg each. 
  • The number of baggage allowed depends on the type of ticket and cabin class you are travelling in. 
  • You are required to pay extra baggage fees in case you exceed the allowed baggage rules. The amount may depend upon the type of ticket, the destination you are travelling to or route which you have chosen.

Find Out How Much to Carry in Carry-on Baggage

Carry-on bag is the bag that can be taken on board and which contains all the essential items required during the journey. To know what are the allowed dimension and weight refers below points. 

  • The carry-on bag is the one which can be fitted into the front seat of the aeroplane or either in the overhead bin of the aircraft. 
  • This carry-on bag may be a laptop bag, clutch, purse, handbag etc. You can carry 1 carry-on bag along with 1 personal item. 
  • The carry-on bag should not exceed the weight of 11.5 kgs with the dimensions not greater than 45 linear inches. 
  • In case you have taken extra bag than the allowed one then you will be asked to pay extra under excess baggage fees. 

To avoid any kind of extra pay, you can also purchase an extra bag limit if required. You can do this either by Hawaiian Airlines Reservations deal or connect via official address. Experts is available all time at your door so that you can contact at any time of the day. 

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