Hong Kong Airlines Business Class Booking

Based in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Airlines was established in 2006 as a member of the HNA Group. It has a fleet of 39 and serving 47 destinations in more than 30 cities. This airline company has recently introduced business class cabin which offers numerous facility and unlimited flexibility to the passengers. You can book a business class ticket for just over $550 round-trip which is only a small fraction of the regular price for a lie-flat seat. Get all the below-mentioned benefits by Hong Kong Airlines business class booking. Here are the benefits provided by Hong Kong Airlines business class.

What is Hong Kong Airlines business class?

  • B/E Aerospace manufactures business class seats
  • Business class seats offer the maximum privacy to the passengers
  • Business class seats are completely flat and include a rear shell
  • Business class seats offer pillow and comforter to the passengers 
  • Business class seats offer storage facilities both on top and underneath of the side table
  • Business class seats feature staggered 1-2-1 seats
  • Business class seats are featured with 17-inch touch screens and a separate handheld wired remote

What are the steps of booking a business class ticket on Hong Kong Airlines? 

  • Open your web portal and open the official website of Hong Kong Airlines?
  • https://www.hongkongairlines.com/en_OC/homepage#
  • Type this link in its browsing field
  • The ticket booking API will open 
  • Here you need to define the type of your trip
  • Choose from RETURN, ONE-WAY, and MULTI-CITY
  • Select the departure and destinations cities 
  • Enter the departure date 
  • Enter the arrival date if you are on a RETURN trip 
  • Enter all the routes you are expecting to fly if you are on a MULTI-CITY trip 
  • Define the number of passengers as per their age groups – ADULT and CHILD 
  • Define your currency 
  • Plus, enter the promo code if it applies to your trip 
  • Click on SEARCH and get all the options available for your trip 
  • Book your flight 

What is the best possible way to cancel Hong Kong Airlines tickets instantly? 

You can cancel a Hong Kong Airlines ticket by visiting the official web portal of the airline. However, another way is there which is as reliable as the ticket booking process. It is to dial the helpline number boasts by the airline management. You can have a conversation with the helpline engineers in any hour of the day and get Hong Kong Airlines business class deal. The airline company has introduced a helpline which aims in serving the air travel aspirants with all the assistance they need.

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