Know about the ways to change the flight date in Hong Kong airlines

Hong Kong airlines is the well-known airline of Hong Kong. The headquarters of Hong Kong airlines is located in Tung Chung, Lantau, Hong Kong. It has a fleet size of 39. The flights are operated to 47 destinations across various cities.

If a passenger wants to travel and avail the services of Hong Kong airlines, they need to book a ticket with the airlines. The booking process of airline involves the offline and online mode. In the offline mode of booking the passenger visits the ticket counter at airport or travel agent. The Hong Kong airlines reservations number can be dialed to contact the customer support service. In the online booking, the passenger needs to select the travel source and destination, the travel date, the total number of passengers travelling included children/infants, and the class of travel. After that, the list of flight comes up according to the given info. The passenger selects the flight and then the personal details of the passenger are entered along with the mode of payment. Once submitted, confirmation is received.
In case, if a passenger wants to make any changes in the already booked ticket, it can be done by following the Change policy of Hong Kong airlines. Below listed are the ways to change the flight date in the airlines:

  • The passenger can visit the Hong Kong airlines manage booking section on the official website of the airlines.
  • In order to make the changes, the passenger needs to have the access of the ticket. For retrieving the ticket, the booking reference number and the name of the passenger is entered.
  • Once submitted, the ticket can be modified accordingly. The changes can be made to the source or destination, date, number of passengers, flight etc.
  • If a passenger wants to make the changes, then it can be done free of charge. But it will be applicable only once.
  • If the ticket needs any modification for the second time or date change is there, it will be changed under the change policy of airline, which will cost a heavy amount to be charged.
  • A refund amount is given for the tickets that are unused. In case, the ticket is used completely or partially used, then there will be no refund amount.
  • The changes in the ticket can only be made by visiting the official website of the Hong Kong airlines.
  • In case if a flight is cancelled or delayed and the airline offers a new flight to the passenger, then it will be free of charge. And, if the new fight does not suit the availability of the passenger, then the refund for the same can be claimed.

This is how the Hong Kong airlines change flight date process is carried out using the official website.

In case of any further assistance regarding the query or issue, the customer service can be contacted. The customer support executive will provide all the required help and information in order to resolve the issue of the passengers. The contact details for the same are mentioned on the official website of Hong Kong airlines.

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