Want to travel with pets? Check out the pet policy of the Hong Kong Policy

Hong Kong Airlines is a very popular airline which is based in Hong Kong and has its main hub in Tung Chung district. Further, the airline is currently operating scheduled departures to 30 regional cities. Moreover, the airline is also known for providing its customers with various services and offers to make the travel of the passengers affordable. And if you are planning to book your reservation with the airline and wish to take your pet with you then, you are required to read out the Hong Kong Airlines pet policy. The airline has ensured that your travel with the pet is comfortable and hassle-free.

Pet policy of Hong Kong Airlines

Well, if you are planning to travel with your pet by Hong Kong Airlines then, there are a few things that you are required to know before you book your Hong Kong Airlines reservations. The pointers that we are going to share in this article, will definitely help to make your travel hassle-free.

  • As per the pet policy of the airline, a pet can only travel as manifested cargo or checked baggage.
  • Further, only the service pets are allowed to enter the cabin.
  • Besides, the airline has also listed a few conditions which qualify pet as checked baggage: a) Should be domestic cat or dog. b) And the pet traveling in the container should meet the requirements of IATA Live Animal Regulations.
  • Furthermore, the passengers are required to provide the required documents to local government officials.
  • And to confirm your pet’s travel with the airline, it is required to contact the reservation office at least 7 days before departure.
  • Just in case if your pet is not qualified for traveling in the cabin or checked baggage then, reach out to airline service center for more information.
  • Besides that, while making the reservation, you need to provide the following information: a) Kind of pet b) Total weight of the container and pet  c) Dimension of the container d) Material of the container e) And other health information.
  • In case of import/ export please refer IATA travel center.

And in case, if you still have queries, you can reach out to the service center of the airline to get desired assistance and help.

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