Is it possible to cancel your flight with LOT Polish?

Are you unsure if you can cancel your flight with LOT Polish? If a passenger is unable to fly on a flight already booked with LOT Polish Airlines due to unforeseen circumstances, they may, of course, cancel their flight. LOT Polish Airlines has a flexible cancellation policy of allowing passengers to cancel a flight either online or by calling its reservation office. To find out how to cancel a LOT Polish Airlines flight, please follow the details below.

What is the process for cancelling a LOT Polish flight?

Passengers can ask for a flight cancellation on LOT Polish Airlines official website or by contacting the or service center. Those who wish to learn how to cancel a LOT Polish flight can do so by following the steps indicated below.

  • First of all, select the link to manage your reservation on the LOT Polish website.
  • Then click the Manage Your Booking link and enter your surname in the space given.
  • Next, provide your Booking reference code and hit the next button.
  • Every one of your LOT Polish reservations will be shown, and you can select the one you have to cancel.
  • Afterward, besides the flight you've selected, press the cancel button and proceed.
  • After that, LOT Polish will confirm your flight cancellation request.
  • Finally, after deducting the relevant cancellation fee, the airline will refund the rest of the ticket cost.

Get familiar with LOT Polish Airlines cancellation policy

If you want to know if you may cancel your LOT Polish flight, you can discover the answer by looking at the rules. The following is a description of the LOT Polish cancellation policy.

  • Within 24 hours of the scheduled departure, you have the opportunity to cancel a flight ticket.
  • LOT Polish will not charge you if you cancel 24 hours after purchase and 7 days or more before the scheduled departure.
  • If your LOT Polish flight is delayed by the airlines for more than 3 hours, you can cancel it without incurring a fee.

How much does LOT Polish Airlines charge for cancellations?

If you want to know how much the LOT Polish cancellation fee is, you can find out by reading the points listed below.

  • If you wish to cancel a flight you will be charged a cancellation fee varying from $200 - $500 by LOT Polish Airlines.

By reading the information above, you will learn how to cancel a flight with LOT Polish. You may also contact LOT Polish Airlines customer service if you have any more questions about a flight cancellation with the airline and require advice from a knowledgeable person.

Change reservations on LOT polish airlines flight ticket

If you plan to travel somewhere you can choose the LOT polish airlines as they serve cheap flights and high discounts on their flight ticket. As you know, plans may get changed, especially because of COVID-19; therefore, that airline provides you with the opportunity to change your flight ticket. But some customers want to know how to change flight date on LOT airlines, to change the reservation you need to understand some terms and conditions to be followed which is described below:

  • If you want to change your ticket date, you need to use a flexible date and route to travel.
  • You can change your flight date and route multiple times within one year if you have purchased the ticket in the COVID scenario with no extra charge.
  • If you have the lowest tariff saver, you can change the flight date with no penalty fee.
  • But if there may be a tariff difference, then the airline will issue a new ticket to you.
  • If you have purchased the ticket with a LOT airlines website, you can change your flight date online at their website and fill the ticket change form.
  • If you purchase the ticket from a travel agency, you need to contact the agency itself for the flight date change.
  • If you don’t board the flight or apply for the change, then free of charge change cannot be possible after that. You need to pay some charges for the change flight date.

After understanding the above flight change points, you need to contact the LOT airlines reservation center to reschedule your flight. You need to ask the experts for a LOT airline change date, and they will provide you best possible flight available.

How to manage booking with LOT Polish Airlines?

Are you flying with LOT Polish Airlines and want to make some modifications to your booking? Here’s the good news is LOT Polish Airlines permit its passengers to do the same via the manage booking option that is available on their official website. However, LOT Polish travelers can see their booked flight details via the manage booking section and then make the necessary extra changes in it. Further, you are going to learn the steps involved in the manage booking process of LOT Polish Airlines as provided below:

  • Go to the official website of LOT Polish and search for manage booking option
  • Open the Manage Your Booking section and then enter your surname in the given box
  • After that provide your Booking reference ID and tap the next button
  • All your bookings with LOT Polish will open among which select the one you wish to manage
  • Open the selected flight and make a modification to it according to your need
  • Make the payment applied for adding any extra services to your itinerary
  • Then save your reservations and LOT Polish will send a message providing details about the changes made via manage booking

Therefore, LOT Polish manage booking service is very useful for the passengers as they can use it in their favor. If you wish to know more about LOT Polish manage the booking process, contact their customer care center.



Customer service: 1 (212) 789-0970

Alliance: Star Alliance

Destinations: 120

Secondary hubs: Tallinn Airport;

Hubs: Warsaw Chopin Airport, Tallinn Airport

  • Customer Reviews
    • review-image
          • Katarzyna
      • I need to cancel my flight or rebook either one will work, because I actually got covid. Flight is May 19. waiting on the phone to do so for a while now, and doing the cancellation or refund or changing reservations on a website lot charges a lot of $. I believe Covid rules do not charge $.
    • review-image
          • Eugeniusz Mikula and Anna Mikula
      • I want to cancel my flight from Chicago to Krakow round trip (2 tickets) - or to get credit for flight by end of this year. My confirmation # 4NFZLG

    • review-image
          • Parra
      • I have paid the fare 253 Usd on may 26 2021 for a round trip Paris vilnus paris, however I cancelled the ticket, and I did it on the refund form online, nevetheless Lot send to me back only 60 Usd. My reservation is S3TRP8.

    • review-image
          • ADITI
      • My flight was cancelled due to COVID-19.Kindly email me the procedure of applying for refund.

    • review-image
          • paoadopoulos charalampos
      • i want cancel my airticker from skg to katowice on 16 sept

    • review-image
          • Singh
      • I booked flight to Delhi from LOT airlines. the flight was cancaled due to coronavirus situation. i want refund my tricket. can you write how much percent of price tricket i can take back from airlines

    • review-image
          • Sonam
      • my flight cancelled right one day after I booked the ticket, I asked for refund but agent refuse to refund and reschedule my flight date and promise me to give 30%discount code. I didn’t receive code as well as reschedule flight got cancelled. I am asking for refund and still polish airway is not ready to pay me back. In there ticket cancellation policy it has clearly mention that if flight got delay n cancelled we can ask for refund. I wish if they pay my money back.

    • review-image
          • G.Morrel Fonseka
      • My wifes flights from Colombo Sri Lanka to Toronto Canada that was scheduled to fly on March 28 was cancelled by the LOT Airline due to COVID 19 restrictions. We requested redunds as soon as cancellations came into effect. we received information on 17March 2020 that it will be refunded, However we did not receive any refunds to date. We booked with our credit cards and now we have to pay the credit card company, We badlly need the refund to pay back the crdit card company, Please let us know the current status of the refund. Thank you , sincerely , Morrel Fonseka

    • review-image
          • Kartik Malhotra
      • Due to the COVID-19 situation, I would like to cancel my flight from New Delhi to Toronto connecting Warsaw on 16th April 2020. I want to know regarding the Cancellation Charges. Kindly contact it to the mentioned Email Id.

    • review-image
          • shefik useini
      • Is it Possible to cancel my flight from Chicago USA to Skopje North Macedonia with refund on 22.5.2020 due to corona virus.

    • review-image
          • Ankur Vishwakarma
      • I have received an email regarding cancellation of flight and submission of refund form. Please do contact me as I didn't submit any such form and don't want any changes in my reservation.

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          • B Monroe
      • How do I get a refund for a flight from Copenhagen to Warsaw. Cancelled due to corona virus.

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          • Lorraine Patterson
      • What is the policy on cancelling flights into Poland in regards to the Corona Virus

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          • Kochuparampil Annie
      • I wish to cancel my flight to London from Delhi on the 3rd of April, 2020, due to the corona virus threat. How much refund would I be able to get

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          • Ivanna rudenko
      • I want cancel my flight Warsaw to Odessa and return too

    • review-image
          • ADNAN MUHAMMAD
      • From Tbilisi to Venice I need to cancel my flight when booking this time they told easy to cancel when came time for cancel so not possible to cancel

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          • Yehoshua Wexler
      • Is it possible to cancel my flight from Israel to Riga with a refund, on the 5.2.2020?

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      • I like to reschedule my existing flight from 6th of October to the 27th of October?

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      • I booked a return flight from Munich to Warsaw on the (depart 22/11/18 and return 26/11/18), is there some way I can cancel my return flight on the 26/11/18?

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          • Daniela
      • I would like to cancel my flight tickets for 27.12.2018 from Budapest to Chisinau.
    • review-image
          • Marie L Shaw
      • Lost my flight information. I already booked CID to Las Vegas10.6.18. PLEASE EMAIL IT TO ME AGAIN.
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