Malaysian airlines reservations-Avail safe journey in COVID-19 to hometown

Planning a trip with Malaysian airlines? No need to worry, as here you will get the related information on the same. Malaysia airlines are a prominent airline of the Malaysian airline that has its headquarters in Kuala Lumpur International Airport. The fleet size of the airline is 81 and it serves 64 destinations all around the world. This airline provides a safe and comfortable journey to its passengers at the time of need. If you find any problem, you can easily contact the customer care team for quick and reliable help.

Why I choose to fly via Malaysia Airlines- Avail Journey safely across the Globe

Do you want to know why you should fly to your destination with Malaysia Airlines? When someone chooses to fly to someplace from their current venue, they look forward to making a reservation with airlines that provide the best air travel experience. Malaysia Airlines is one of the most well-known airlines, offering passengers an unforgettable travel experience regardless of where they are flying or which cabin class they choose. Now, if you want to know why you should fly with Malaysia Airlines to your desired place, you will find the most compelling reasons for doing so below.

  • Malaysia Airlines is among the best in the Australasian region, providing passengers with the best possible flying experience. No matter which class of fare you get or how long your flight is, you can always have a great flying experience when you book your trip with them.
  • Malaysian Airlines is also one of the best airlines to fly with because of the various flight deals they offer. You can get the best deal with Malaysian Airlines because they offer a range of flight discounts to different destinations from time to time. Malaysia Airlines' frequent flyer program is one of the best in the country, with free upgrades, miles, and other benefits. If you're a member of Malaysia Airlines' frequent flyer program, you can also take advantage of a variety of reward flights.
  • Malaysian Airlines is also the best choice because they emphasize passenger safety on board in COVID-19 they have taken care of social distancing, Sanitizing seats after every flight, Alternate seating arrangements they take all appropriate steps to ensure that they arrive safely at their destination. Malaysian Airline’s customer support is also one of the best because their employees have been well-trained to answer all of the passengers' questions before and after their travel with them. Malaysia Airlines, the official airlines of Malaysia is majorly known for the services it provides both in terms of the comfort of flying and the comfort of sorting the queries of the passengers wishing to have resolutions to the problems they faced in the previous flight or any other queries for their future flight. It is also a member of one world airline alliance.

Easy Check-in

  • With the comfort of visiting the airport and doing over-counter check-in by speaking to the representative.
  • Calling up the official number of Malaysia airlines and making over-the-phone check-in.
  • Login to your account on the official website and make an online check-in.
  • Also with the help of the facility of the self-service kiosk.

Sufficient Baggage allowance

  • A maximum of two bags is allowed on the flight.
  • Weight varies from flight class.
  • First Class -50 kilograms.
  • Business Class - 40 kilograms.
  • Economy Class - 30 kilograms.
  • Passengers with infants –One bag not exceeding the weight of 10 kilograms.
  • Extra charges on the extra weight of the baggage.

Convenient Seating

  • Seating according to the person who made reservations on a prior basis.
  • Choose the type of seating while making your reservation.
  • Business-class seats have the comfort of Recliners.
  • First-class passengers get to enjoy the privacy of an Open suite with maximum comfort.
  • The standard-sized seats are comfortable enough for a passenger to spend the fly time at ease.

Savoring Meals

  • Instantly prepared food made for the passengers.
  • Special instructions for health care to be given on a 24-hour priority basis.
  • Chef on-call service for First Class and Business Class.
  • They have a variety of 20 different special meals.


  • A varied collection of movies for entertainment.
  • On-demand magazines to pass your flying time.
  • On-demand special movies.
  • Comfortable and good quality headphones to listen to music without interrupting anyone else’s comfort.

Therefore, the above-mentioned points can help you make a wise decision about making a Malaysia Airlines booking and knowing the services and facilities it provides. Aside from that, you can contact Malaysia Airlines' customer service department with any questions you might have about a flight reservation.

Recommended Steps for Malaysian airlines reservations for a safe journey to hometown

In COVID-19 pandemic flight booking is a major challenge for stuck travellers as getting confirmed seat booking at low fair charges is searching on airlines website is a big question and Malaysian airlines reservations are provided all safety standards for travellers like sanitizing every flight, maintaining alternate seating arrangement and travellers can do via Malaysian airlines manage booking for a safe journey  

The reservation process of Malaysian airlines is quite simple to understand.  If you desire to book the flight tickets, you need to follow the below steps.

  • First of all, you need to open the official website of the Malaysian airlines.
  • Next, you have to click on the flight's option.              
  • After that, select the trip type such as one way, round trip, and multi-city trip.
  • Pick up the departure and return dates.
  • You are supposed to insert the number of passengers such as adults, children, and infants.
  • Select the cabin class such as Economy, business, and Business suite class.
  • After filling in all the necessary details, you need to click on the “Book Now” option.
  • All the available flights will appear on your screen. Select the best airline that suits your budget.
  • Now, you are supposed to go to the payment page and choose the preferred payment mode.
  • Enter all the necessary details to complete the payment process.
  • In the end, you will get your booked ticket on your nominated email id or phone number.

After following the above-mentioned instructions, one can easily book the flight ticket in a simple manner. If you have any kind of problem or need to ask something concerning Malaysian airlines Flight booking, you can contact the customer service live chat team for assured and instant assistance. Additionally, you can move to the service desk to solve all your problems in a short span of time. 

Malaysia Airlines cancellation and refund policy in COVID-19-Get complete information here

Are you the passenger who is stuck in a situation that is affecting the travel with your Malaysia Airlines? Malaysia Airlines flight booking is possible through both online and offline methods. You can book your tickets with Malaysia Airlines for a flight that departs from your location to your desired destination by going to their website or calling them. But in Case cancelling the trip journey may be due to some urgent work you wanted to cancel the flight and looking for a complete refund then you shall not be confused as you have the option to drop the travel. This can be done by choosing to cancel the flight.

But before you proceed to cancel the flight, you need to check Malaysian Airlines cancellation policy so that you know how to act at the time of cancelling the flight. The details and important points are mentioned below. 

  • On the other hand, Malaysia Airlines and its officials understand that passengers might get stuck in a situation that is affecting their travel. As a result, they came up with the managing travel option for the passengers.
  • Passengers who are cancelling their tickets within 24 hours of booking them or flight departure then he will be eligible for a full refund. 
  • However, if 24 hours have passed then he can still cancel the flight but need to pay the cancellation fee that is 24/7 active? 
  • To cancel the flight or to check the refund, passengers can choose the “Manage my Travel” or “My Trips” option that is present on the official website of the airlines. 
  • Also, the cancellation fee by Malaysia Airlines is not fixed as it depends upon various factors like the type of booking, the number of tickets cancelled, etc. 
  • In case of a non-refundable fare, passengers will be only getting the refund of government taxes and other taxes as they were not utilized. The refund of fare charges will not be given if a passenger cancels the flight after 24 hours of booking the tickets. 

With the help of the above information on Malaysia airlines refund policy, you know how to handle such a situation at the time of cancelling the tickets. In case, you need any further information or help then you are free to contact the customer service that is made available on the various platforms. 

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