Availalluring facility of Singapore Airlines Pet Policy for getting the pets carried to distant destinations

Fly to distant places with Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines is one of the most popular and commonly used airlines that allow the passengers to travel to distant places without facing any issues. The airlines is the flag carrier of Singapore Airlines that provide one of the best services to its passengers for travelling to distant places without facing issues and problems.

With a fleet size of 117, Singapore Airlines offer great services to its passengers so that they can travel to their desired destination without facing any problems. The airlines has 64 destinations that are spread all over the world. Being headquartered at Airline House in Singapore, Singapore Airlines allow a number of passengers to travel to distant destinations with ease and comfort.

What Condition follow for the Pet reservations policy ?

When ever you go with Singapore Airlines flight from your destination then you need to contact your local Singapore airlines office before one or two weeks. Where you can find out the more knowledge regrding Singapore airlines pet policy. When you contact service provider then you will required to inform them with the animal type, breed, spicies, gender, name, age, color, weight and carrier dimensions.

Pets in the Cargo

Unfortunately, Singapore Airlines does not accept any animals to travel in the cabin on any of their Singapore flights.

Pets in the Cargo

Pets that exceed 70 lbs (32 kg) with their carriers can be transported as cargo instead.

How much you pay according to pet policy of Singapore Airlines ?

When ever any customer travelling with a pet, then Singapore airlines pet policy says like your pet and its container both are not counted as part of your free checked baggages allowance. Infact they are considered additional baggage and customer eligibal for this additional baggages fees. Pre paid & discounted rates will not be available for yours pets carriage.

For flights to and from the United State of America

Your pet and container which contain your pet will be charged separately both, according to piece concept.

For all flights, except those to and from the United State of America

Customer charges will be separately, according to the total weight of your pet and its container.


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