Know about Turkish airlines cancellation as well refund policy

Turkish airline is one of the major airlines of Turkey. In terms of a number of passenger destinations as it flies over 304 destinations and serves plenty of cities in Europe, Asia, America, and Africa. It’s headquartered at Ataturk Airport in Istanbul. A Turkish airline has a fleet size of 329 aircraft. Turkish airline is an airline with excellent service and most comfortable aircraft. This airline provides several amenities that make passengers travel more pleasant and enjoyable. Turkish airlines serve the best quality food with a variety of beverages including juices, soda, beer and wine, Passengers will be served snacks between the meals.

These airlines offer plenty of tools for entertain passengers such as the latest movies, different genre music from classic to rock, popular video games, and TV shows. This airline also provides inflight wifi service so a traveller can enjoy high-speed internet throughout the flight and they don’t have to unplug their devices. This wifi service is pocket-friendly so passengers can afford it easily.

A Turkish airline has several policy to make the travel easy and without any hustle. They have Turkish airlines cancellation policy, refund policy, pet policy, baggage policy, and many others. Traveler can get many benefits from these policies. This airline has the most comfy seats with extra stretch and attached power spots. Passengers can also book a more legroom seat with this airline.

Cancellation Policy of Turkish Airlines-

Flying with Turkish Airlines gives the most memorable experience and booking a ticket with this airline is a simple process, passenger can easily get a reservation online and get the luxury service at affordable prices.

In case, passenger wants to cancel his ticket then he has to go to the official website of Turkish Airlines and read the cancellation policy carefully.

So if Passenger needs to cancel his ticket due to any reason, he needs to follow these simple steps -

• The passenger needs to visit the website of Turkish Airlines and go to the “manage my booking” option.

• Then he needs to enter the booking number and his name and continue to cancel his ticket.

• Passenger can directly call the reservation office via phone number to talk to the reservation executives and ask them to cancel the ticket.

The executives will need some required details of passengers booking to cancel the ticket. Once passenger provides details executives will cancel the booking.

• If passenger made a booking by a travel agency then he needs to ask the travel agent to cancel the ticket. The agent may be cost some extra charge for cancellation.

• According to the Turkish airlines cancellation policy 24 hours, if passengers cancel the ticket within the 24 hours of booking then he can claim the refund.

Refund Policy of Turkish Airlines-

With Turkish airlines refund policy, the passenger can request a refund after the cancellation of his ticket.

• Passenger needs to call the Turkish airlines sales office for cancellation and to claim the refund.

• Refund policy may vary according which class ticket passenger had.

• Turkish airlines won’t give the passenger a full refund but they will only refund the collected taxes.

• Refund depends on which payment method passenger use while booking.

• In some cases, passengers can get a refund if he cancels the ticket before 7 days of departure.

Passenger can also contact the Turkish airlines customer service and get to know more about Turkish airlines cancellation and refund policy to get the money back after the cancellation. Passenger can call the executives any time as calling service available all the time. The executives will provide quick and better help to solve passengers any query regarding the ticket cancellation and refund.


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