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Turkey is a beautiful country sharing borders with Asia and Europe. Famous for its rich Islamic culture, food, and heritage, Turkey can be a nice option for your next trip. In fact, without having to worry about flights, you can easily make your reservations in Turkey Airlines and enjoy a nice and comfortable journey. The booking process of Turkish Airlines is as same as that of other airlines and you can easily book a flight by going on their website.

Best Features of Turkish airlines

  • Turkish airline has got the best features like the most delicious onboard food,
  • Better seating facility that provides with enough leg space,
  • Varied means of in-flight entertainment and facilities for power supply as well.
  • All these things are made available at a very low booking price, every person should definitely check more about Turkish airlines.
  • Furthermore, with each flight, the passenger can earn a few mileage points. These points can be later redeemed and passengers can make the best use of the money so saved.
  • You can dial up Turkish airline reservation number any time you want for any query that you have.

To find out more about Turkish Airlines reservations, tap on the below details.

Turkish airlines reservations: Avail recommended steps to flight booking in Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines is the flag bearer aircrafts administration of Turkey. It provides its customers with two classes of ticket business and economy classes. An individual can feel the most extravagant trip with Turkish aircraft and the economy class is appropriate for individuals as the reservation cost is particularly moderate in the financial plan. So an individual can definitely choose Turkish airlines reservation if his desired destination is the place where the airline is providing its services to. Do you want to travel with Turkish Airlines but do not know how to book a flight? Then you may choose to follow the steps below.

  1. Open a web browser and go to the booking API of Turkish Airlines.
  2. To book the flight tap on “Plan a Travel” from the top and select any one option based on the type of your journey.
  3. Start by entering itinerary details like travel dates, the number of passengers travelling along, promo code, destination and arriving city, etc. and tap “Next”.
  4. Then you need to tap on the flight from the list that is suitable according to your requirement and select the desired seat from the seating arrangement displayed in front of you.
  5. Moving on, enter the personal details like name, contact number, age, date of birth, etc. along with selecting the mode of payment.
  6. Enter the payment details and confirm your payment. Now, the confirmation of Turkish Airlines reservations will be given on the email that you entered at the time of booking.

After booking the airline in simple steps, somehow if you want to cancel flight ticket then get more about to know Turkish airlines cancellation policy and while travelling how much you need to carry then you must be aware of the Turkish airlines baggage policy of your travel partner. And this baggage policy is also discussed here.

Turkish airlines baggage: Get to Knowing How Much to Carry with Turkish Airlines

For the exact shape and size parameter of bags, you can check the website. The number of bags allowed free of the cost depends upon the type of ticket you use. Moving on, you cannot carry sharp objects like knives or scissors, weapons in the flight. There are separate rules for pets and babies for carrying extra luggage; you have to pay depending upon the class you are traveling. And that’s all for the baggage policy of Turkish Airlines. In case of any doubt, contact customer care.

Free Baggage Allowed on Travelling

  1. Free baggage allowance limit is 2 pieces and the greatest measurement of each piece can be at max 158 cm in Business and Economy classes.
  2. The maximum weight point of 1 piece of baggage for business class is 32 Kg and the furthest point of 1 piece for economy class is 23 Kg.
  3. Free baggage allowance from the destination of Germany to Turkey and further than Turkey for economy class passengers is 30 kg and for business class passengers is 40 kg
  4. For the details on baggage allowance for flights originating in Ireland and Switzerland wherein the first flight of the whole journey is from Ireland or Switzerland, the free baggage allowance is 30kg for economy class passengers and 40kg for business class passengers.

Turkish Airlines Carry-on Baggage Allowance

  1. Those passengers who are travelling in business class are allowed to take 2 bags with a maximum weight of 8kg.
  2. While economy class passengers are restricted to 1 bag with a maximum weight of 8 Kg.
  3. The dimensions of these bags should not exceed 23 x 40 x 55 cm.

Turkish Airlines Checked-in Baggage Allowance

  1. Business-class passengers in Turkish Airlines are allowed to carry 2 bags with 32 Kg each while economy class passengers are allowed with a weight of 23 kg with each bag.
  2. The dimensions of each bag should not exceed 158 cm.

And passenger who is not adhering to Turkish Airlines baggage policy may have to bear the loss and penalty of extra baggage fee. For any further assistance contact Turkish Airlines customer support.

Want to know the Turkish Airlines pet policy? Get all the information here

For all pet lovers, their pets are their life and there is also a strong reason behind it as the pets are only creatures that never change their behavior to their owners. Pets always remain the same in every thick and thin of a person's life. And by taking care of this bond of love between the owner and pets, Turkish Airlines offers a friendly animal policy to travel across the world with your beloved ones. The airline offers a flexible pet policy that helps the passenger to give their pets a comfortable journey with extra safety. So if you are planning to travel somewhere and want to carry your pet on a trip along with your family, then you should not waste time and make your Turkish Airlines reservations along with your pet and travel around the world.

  • As per the Turkish animal policy, the pets are allowed to travel on the same aircraft with a cage or container. To do so, you have to check-in at the check-in counter at the airport.
  • If there is no passenger in the aircraft cabin who is allergic to animals with medical certification, the pets can be transported through the flight by placing them in a special container.
  • In case, any pet exceeds the standard measurements or overweight, then the pet cannot be transported in the flight cabin. But the pet will be transported through the cargo service.
  • Also, if any passenger requires assistance dogs for physical or psychological reasons then by providing supporting medical report passengers can travel with the pet by getting approval 48 hours prior to the flight time.

Besides, if a user needs a piece of additional information to travel with a pet then he or she can dial the Turkish reservations number. The team of reservation experts will give you all the details that you are looking for and guide you with the terms of Turkish Airlines to travel with a pet. Moreover, if you need to ask for other services of Turkish flight then you can dial the Turkish reservation number to get information.  


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