Can I change the name on an Avianca flight ticket?

Once the booking of the tickets has been made, there are several things that you need to keep in mind, and checking that all the details are ordered correctly is essential. However, the most common problem that occurs is with the name. If you have some mistakes in the name, then the corrections can be made. But, before doing that, you should know how Avianca name change request can be made and what the policy or the cost would be for the change. Let us get through all the essential details of the name change with Avianca so it will be convenient for you to make corrections without any trouble.

What is Avianca's name change policy?

Before making changes to the name, have accurate information about what is mandatory. Only with the proper details and knowing all the terms and conditions of the name change policy of the Airline will you be able to make corrections to the name. Get through the policy attentively and notice all the points:

  • The name on the ticket can be corrected only once before the journey starts.

  • According to the Avianca name change policy, you should make the name change request at least 72 hours before the flight is scheduled.

  • If you make corrections to the name within 24 hours of ticket purchase, then it will be free of cost.

  • Minor changes to the name, such as removing or adding a word, swapping the words, or minor corrections to the surname, will be allowed free.

  • Changing the first three letters of the name would be free of cost; corrections that are more than that will be chargeable.

  • People who recently had a divorce or got married can change their surname easily but have to submit the related documents.

  • Changing a full name will not be allowed as it can be considered transferring the ticket, which is prohibited at the Airline.

  • Some changes cannot be made without obtaining permission from the airline's customer service. These changes are date of birth, first name, surname, gender, and middle name.

  • You must submit all the essential documents for any significant change to the name.

  • The documents necessary to submit are government-issued identity, ticket, passport, VISA, marriage certificate, divorce papers, etc.

  • The name change process takes time, so the Airline should be notified at least 72 to 24 hours before the scheduled flight, as last-minute name changes will not be allowed.

  • You need to pay the name change cost that depends on class, destination, and ticket type.

How do I change the name on the Avianca ticket online?

The name can be changed by following a simple process online. It will be fast as Manage Booking lets you handle the reservation, and making any modifications will be convenient. An Avianca name change form will be provided online, and the executives will make the required changes to the name accordingly. You can go through the process given below to make corrections to the name without any trouble:

  • Head to the official website of Avianca Airlines.

  • Click on Your Booking at the top and then Manage Your Booking from the given options.

  • Pick the issue from the options and add the ticket details to open the journey.

  • Then select the Name Change from the Menu, and a form will be opened.

  • Mention the corrections that need to be made and fill in other details.

  • Then, submit the form, and a new ticket will be provided after the changes.

How do I change my name to Avianca?

The name on the Avianca ticket can be changed by getting to the airport helpdesk. It is vital to have all the required documents to help in the name change, such as the ticket, passport, government-issued identity ( from the name will be verified), and VISA (if applicable). All this will help you get through the Avianca change name on the ticket and make it convenient. The executives will verify the documents and change the name, and the new ticket with modifications will be sent via email.

How much does it cost to change the name on an Avianca ticket?

Changing or making corrections to the name is not free of cost, and you will be required to pay the Avianca name change fee before going through any modifications. These charges depend on the ticket type, class, location, and the time of changing the name; however, they mainly range from $25 to $90 and can be paid online during the name change process.

Conclusion: You need to have all the information about how to correct the Avianca name on the tickets. We have discussed the policy, the procedures, and the charges that will be required for the same. Go through all the details carefully so correcting the name on the ticket can be quick and convenient for you. If you have more issues, navigate to Avianca Airlines' official website.

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