Does Iberia have a 24 hour cancellation policy?

Iberia Airlines is hugely popular among travelers due to its inflight amenities and safe and cost-effective flight options. There are many travelers who, after making bookings, come across conditions that let them cancel their bookings. Many customers often search whether airlines support a 24-hour flight cancellation policy. They must note that Iberia, like any other big airline, has an important 24-hour policy. According to the Iberia 24-hour cancellation policy, the airline provides risk-free 24-hour duration to the customers. They can make changes and even cancel their tickets without paying any fees. Apart from this policy, the airline has also framed several other terms and conditions so that customers who wish to cancel their reservation do not have any confusion. Detailed information about rules, policies, and cancellation procedures are given below:

Iberia Airlines flight cancellation policies:

Iberia Airlines ticket holders must always ensure they have sufficient information regarding the Iberia cancellation policy before requesting it. If you possess tickets and wish to cancel the booking, you must fulfill the important policies set by the airlines. Some important highlights of Iberia cancellation policies are given below:

  • Those ticket holders of Iberia Airlines who cancel bookings for medical reasons are eligible for free cancellation. They must inform about it in advance, and if they have medical documents, attach them to verify the concern.
  • Those customers who cancel their bookings after 24 hours of a risk-free period have to pay cancellation charges. 
  • If Iberia delays the flight for more than 3-4 hours, customers have the right to cancel their reservation and book another ticket instead. 
  • Any ticket holder with travel insurance can cancel Iberia tickets anytime, according to his requirement, without paying additional fees. 

Iberia Airlines flight cancellation terms and conditions: 

Travelers who have already booked Iberia tickets can cancel their tickets before departure. However, they must note that the chances of getting a refund depend upon the fare type. If ticket holders have flexible tickets, they can cancel reservations and even get a refund. 

  • If Iberia cancels your flight without prior information or provides any other alternate flight to your destination, you can request a refund and even claim compensation. 
  • If Iberia cancel a flight within 24 hours, they will provide an alternate flight. 
  • Travelers must note that if they use any travel voucher or promo codes to make flight bookings, then after canceling their tickets, they will get a refund in the form of vouchers only. 

What are the documents that are required to cancel your tickets?

Though providing documents to cancel reservations is not mandatory, ticket holders must be aware of their booking details. However, if they wish to request a refund after canceling tickets, then they are required to provide copies of the following documents:

  • Identity proof
  • Passport
  • Ticket booking-number
  • Medical certificate validating ill health of passenger or demise of immediate family member. 

How to cancel Iberia tickets?

Those customers who have made flight bookings and then, due to any reason, wish to cancel reservations have the facility to cancel tickets online using some straightforward steps that are given below:

  • Visit the website of Iberia Airlines.
  • Now click on the “manage your booking” section.
  • Insert the passenger's surname and booking code to find your ticket.
  • Finally, when you get your ticket, you must tap the cancel button beside your booking.
  • Finally, you must confirm your decision by tipping on the confirmation checkbox.
  • Flight cancellation messages will be received on your phone. 

Cancel Iberia flights by contacting customer services: 

Customers with Iberia Airlines tickets can cancel them by approaching customer care services. For this, they can dial the phone number of the airlines: (+1)800 772 4642, and after selecting their corresponding language, they must go through the guided instructions. Finally, when they encounter a live representative handling flight cancellations, they can mention their booking number and passenger's last names to dissolve their tickets. Finally, after mentioning their cancellation request, they can request them, and the airline representative will process the flight cancellation. Also, you will be informed about it on your email address. 

Cancel your tickets at the airport: 

Iberia ticket holders can cancel their tickets even after arriving at the airport. They can reach customer services and provide booking details to cancel their tickets. The airline representative will cancel the ticket and, if possible, register a refund request. If they are required to pay a cancellation fee, they can pay accordingly. 

Is there a cancellation fee for Iberia?

Yes, Iberia charges a fee for flight cancellations. The cancellation charges depend upon the time customers take to cancel their tickets. Also, the travel class decides charges to be paid by the customers to cancel their bookings. The approximate Iberia cancellation fee expected to be paid by flex-fare ticket holders is 60 euros. In contrast, if you are holding business-class tickets, you might need to pay 9 euros; if you have Business flex tickets, you are exempted from paying any cancellation fee. 

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