What is the Baggage Allowance for China Airlines

How many kilos of baggage is allowed by China Airlines?

The weight of baggage any passenger can carry on a China Airlines flight depends on the class the passenger is flying. The maximum weight of a piece of check-in baggage allowed is as follows:

  • Economy class passengers can carry a bag within the limit of 23 kg.
  • For the premium class passengers, the weight limit is 28 kg.
  • Business class ticket holders can carry 32 kilograms per bag.

If the passenger's baggage exceeds the weight limit, it will be considered oversize baggage, and the charges will be imposed depending on the excess baggage at China Airlines.

How much luggage can I check on China Airlines?

If you want to know how much luggage you can check in to board your flight, then go through with the China Airlines baggage allowance and carry your bags accordingly. The baggage allowance of each class is different and has separate policies. Below is the baggage allowance mentioned separately for each class.

Economy Class

For the passengers who are traveling in economy class of China Airlines, the baggage allowance is:

  • 1 carry-on baggage per person.
  • 1 checked bag for a short haul for the Basic Economy Class passengers.
  • 2 checked bags are allowed for the long hauls and Standard and Flex Economy Class passengers.

Premium Economy Class

For the premium class passengers, irrespective of the fare type (Basic, Standard, or Flex), the baggage allowance is:

  • 1 carry-on baggage per head.
  • 2 pieces of checked baggage are allotted to each premium economy passenger.

Business Class

For passengers who had booked their flight tickets with Air China in business class, whether their fare type is basic, standard, or flex, the baggage allowance is:

  • 2 carry-on bags per head.
  • 2 checked baggage.

Sports Equipment

China Airlines allows passengers to travel with some sports equipment free of charge. Sports equipment will count as the hold luggage, and the dimensions and weight should be under the checked baggage allowance.

The above is how much baggage a passenger can carry for their flight. You must know the China Airlines check-in baggage size as well. The maximum dimensions of checked-in baggage are 158 cm for all classes of passengers.

Baggage allowance for children and infants

  • Infant having and not having separate seats are allowed for 1 bag of the same size and dimensions according to an adult's baggage allowance.
  • All the infants are allowed a 10 kg bag only.

Excess or Additional Baggage

If a passenger's baggage exceeds the weight or size of the baggage allowance limit at China Airlines, they must pay additional charges at check-in time. Passengers can also add additional baggage by paying a charge to their baggage allowance before or at the time of check-in. China Airlines additional baggage charge is listed below:

  • The first additional check-in baggage costs $30.
  • The second check baggage costs $45.
  • Third additional baggage costs $150+

Excess baggage fees can be calculated online and added through the China Airlines website. To calculate the fees of your oversize baggage, follow the below steps:

  • Go to the China Airlines website,
  • Locate the excess baggage information option with the help of the search feature on the homepage,
  • On the appeared page, click on the "Calculate excess baggage fee" button,
  • Enter your arrival and departure city and excess quantity,
  • Tap on the next button, and charges will be shown on your screen.

Hence, these are the baggage allowance determined to travel with China Airlines. The flyers flying internationally and looking for the baggage policy should also consider the above allowance as China Airlines baggage allowance International is the same as domestic destination flyers.

How many hand carry allowed on China Airlines?

Each passenger is allowed to carry one bag and one personal item on a China Airlines flight. Depending on your requirements, you can carry a handbag, personal items like a laptop, camera, or a small suitcase. The hand-carry or carry-on baggage allowance at Air China is as follows:

  • The allowed weight of a carry-on is up to 7 kg at China Airlines.
  • The carry-on dimensions must be under 56*36*23 cm, including the handles and casters.

Does China Airlines weigh carry-on bags?

Yes, China Airlines weigh the carry–on bags before boarding to ensure that the bags are within limits. Carry-on bags are kept in the overhead bins or under the front seats; the space is limited, that's why it is necessary to check the weight and size of the carry-on bags. If the weight or size of the carry-on baggage exceeds the determined limit, it will be counted as checked baggage and will not be allowed to carry on the flight.

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