Can I change the name on the Air India ticket?

Is Air India allowing name changes on its reservations?

Yes, you can make name corrections in your existing reservations but not change the real name. The airline allows name changes only if you provide legal documents supporting your request. The legal situations of a name change include marriage, divorce, or any court orders.

Also, the airline has introduced its own Air India name change policy for every traveler who wishes to make corrections must abide by. However, if you act otherwise, Air India issues a penalty that you must pay to complete the process. Check out this article to find more relevant information regarding Air India's name change/correction procedure.

General Name Change Policy of Air India

Did you mistakenly misspell your name while booking a ticket? Do not worry, as you can make corrections to it within a certain period at Air India. The below discussed is some important guidelines that every traveler must consider before making the changes:

  • Air India entitles its travelers with one free name change irrespective of the cabin the traveler booked the ticket.
  • As per the name change policy, you can make corrections up to three charges, including the first and last name; however, the name change policy shall not be confused with the full name change.
  • The name change rule also states that you can get one free change only, and beyond it, you must pay the change fares. The penalty imposed does not depend on the fare type and the class of service.
  • But, the Air India name change fee depends on the fare type; you might have to pay up to INR 2500 if you make changes in an international reservation, and the charges can vary up to INR 1100 if you bring corrections on a domestic flight.
  • You can only make the changes in your reservation online if you booked the ticket originally online or by contacting the airline.
  • The airline stands clear with its rules and does not allow the travelers to swap the names and allot the ticket to another customer.
  • Also, if you wish to change the full name, you must cancel your reservations and proceed with the rebooking.

So, the Air India name change is independent of the fare type you choose while booking the ticket, which makes it even crucial to follow the regulations. Do you need more information? Try and contact the airline's official agents who work around the clock to help you out in real-time. You can even request the executives to proceed with the name correction for you. Please book your flight now with Air India and witness what it feels like to travel with flexibility!

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