Is it Possible to Change the Name on the Qatar Airways Ticket?

Yes, you can make corrections in the name by following some regulations at Qatar Airways. Generally, the airline does not entertain any changes after issuing the PNR for any reservation. If a traveler wishes to make name corrections, they must do it within the trade portal of the airline.

However, it is easy to process the Qatar Airways name change formalities, but there are some important things that a traveler must keep in mind. Here, you can find some easy and understandable terms and conditions associated with the Qatar Airways name correction.

The General Terms and Conditions of Qatar Airways Name Change

Did you also misspell your name while booking a Qatar Airways ticket? Here is a list of regulations that every traveler facing the same situation must keep in mind:

  • You might not be able to make name changes in your existing PNR, and you might have to cancel your reservation and purchase a new one.
  • But, if you have some corrections to make, you can look up the online website of the airline to bring the necessary name amendments.
  • The airline allows correction in the Family Name, First Name, Middle Name, Title, or PTC in the existing reservation; name change shall not be confused by swapping the whole name.
  • As per the Qatar Airways name change policy, you can also make a complete change in the surname, middle name, or any combination of both of them; your ticket must qualify the policy put forth by the airline to bring the required changes. 
  • Nevertheless, you can bring changes to your existing reservation only if you changed the name legally; however, if you fail to provide the legal documents, the airline exempts you from the change.


  • You are not allowed to make name corrections in the below situations:
  • If you have booked a codeshare airline or have interline segments
  • If you have partially used the ticket
  • If you wish to change the name and allot to someone else
  • If you have already checked in for your Qatar Airways flight

So, keep in mind the discussed terms and conditions if you do not wish to face any inconveniences. However, you might have to pay some applicable charges if you make changes bypassing the airline’s policy.

Name Change Fee at Qatar Airways

  • The airline charges around $150 if you make the changes within a day of its initial booking.
  • If you process the changes after 24 hours of the booking, you can make the preferable name changes/corrections by paying around $250.

Now you know about the applicable Qatar Airways name change fee, act accordingly to face no surprises in the future. The airline awaits to provide an untroubled flight experience with its flexible policies. Moreover, if you face problems updating the name, you can always contact the airline’s travel consolidators for professional help.

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