Can you be able to change your name on American Airlines flight tickets?

Airlines are referred to for being both adaptable and severe regarding guidelines on bringing specific things. Having worries about whether American Airlines are strict with continue or how they handle the traveler request, such as a difference in details if boarding passes, is observable issues that flight takers sometimes ask. If you change the name on a boarding pass at American Airlines, what are the connected decisions? Indeed, you will be aware. 

All in all, Can You Changes the Name of American Airlines or not? 

Indeed! It's not exceptionally simple. Anybody can't just make an American airlines name change request on a flight ticket. This is likewise valid for a non-refundable ticket. Notwithstanding, this pandemic made it more straightforward for individuals who booked through a travel service and other certifiable sources to have real privileges of name change requests for travelers.
It is conceivable for minor and significant changes on unused flight tickets. You will require the Global Entry, SENTRI, OR NEXUS Card. Let's dig into the details of what are the process and policies are: 

Know the name change policy of the American Airlines 

  • As per the name change policy for a name change, the customer can change the name in case of a minor name change or minor spelling mistake they have made during the booking. 
  • Moreover, American Airlines gives the services for changing the last name on a booked flight in legal conditions like marriage or the customer's divorce.
  • Name change services on American Airlines are available, but the traveler needs to pay a certain fee to change the name on the flight ticket. 
  • The name change services are accessible on the website through the My trips option.

So, that is all about the American Airlines name change policy. Remember, you should know the procedure before making any changes to your ticket to avoid facing any issues. 

Know the Process of Name Change for American Airlines

You can straightforwardly settle on a decision with customer service and enlighten them regarding the name change matter. They should inform you about the policy and if there are any customs from your save that should be finished. And if you want to do it yourself, then follow the beneath steps: 

  • First, visit the website of American Airlines and then look at the My trips option. 
  • Then enter your name, first, and the last name on the given field. 
  • Next, you need to enter your booking code in the respective section.
  • Then, press the booking tab to check your booking on American Airlines.
  • And after that, you need to select the flight on which you require to apply name change. 
  • Make edits on your name and pay the amount, if applicable, as a flight bam fee. 
  • At last, American Airlines will send you the new ticket details via mail.  

However, anybody having an American Airlines pass to American Airlines would deal with no issue with an American Airlines name correction or change request. But, changing your character will be impractical if you are going with a part. Besides, if you still encounter some issues while making the shift in name, kindly contact the airline customer service to receive additional help. 

What amount does changing or correcting a name on an American Airlines ticket cost?

American Airlines permits you to change your flight ticket online when you find something wrong. Thus, if you wish to change your name, date and time, routes, and the destinations, or wish to reschedule your domestic and international flight tickets, you should refer to the similar guidelines of 24 hours. If you go past it, you need to pay an American Airlines name change fee of $25 to $500 on a domestic flight and $50 to $700 per head. You need to pay $25 for the relevant handling expense while changing your flight ticket online and offline. 

Wrapping Up: 

Anyway, can you change your name on American Airlines? Now, you know whether it's feasible for your case. If you need more details on American Airlines name change, it's ideal to immediately discuss with the customer care service and let them know your reasons. No one can say they could assist you under specific guidelines, and things with canning improve. Good luck with that!

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