Would you be able to change the name on the Air Canada ticket?

Time occurs when travelers book their Air Canada flight, and between the time of their journey, either they get married, their name is changed, or they change their name legally. In this case, Air Canada name change policy comes into the picture. This will allow you to understand all the aspects concerning the name change fee, whether you can change a full name, etc.; so, delve into the discussion and find out your resolutions;

Does Air Canada allow you to change a name on a flight ticket?

Yes, as per the rules of Air Canada, you are permitted to modify your name on the flight ticket. You may incur some sum or a fee to the airline to complete your request. However, no sum has to be incurred if you modify it within 24 hours of the booking. For further information, get someone from their assistance team via phone call.

What is the name change policy on Air Canada?

Every traveler must be aware of Air Canada name change policy as this will enable them to avoid any fees:

  • No alteration in your flight is allowed after modifying the name in the first place.
  • Only Up to 3 characters can be modified in the name of your flight ticket.
  • If you have changed your name legally, you may have to upload the supportive documents as proof.
  • Air Canada offers a free name change mode if it is done within 24 hours of the booking.
  • The airline may charge you a fee for the name change.
  • If you change the flight and look forward to changing the name, the airline may not activate a name change option.
  • If you want any further clarification, you are advised to reach the real person through a phone call.

Unlock valuable ways to change the name on Air Canada flight tickets.

If you have misspelled the name in your ticket at the time of reservation, you get multiple Air Canada name correction modes. To learn the same, you have to follow the conversation carefully so you comprehend every aspect associated with the same; please have a look:

Change a name via the official website.

Is this scaring you that you cannot check in as your ticket holds your wrong name? No need to worry; Air Canada gives you an opportunity through which you can change your name as per your requirements. All you have to do is to follow the steps as described below; please have a look:

  • Visit the Air Canada official website to start the process.
  • Enter your ticket details, such as PNR Number, last name, etc., in the Manage My Booking tab and search for your flight. 
  • Tap the "Edit your Flight" tab and click on the Name.
  • Change the characters (up to 3) to confirm or a full name.
  • Make the relevant fee to confirm the process.

Is it possible to modify your name at the airport?

Yes, changing your name at the airport is always possible, but you have to approach the agent sitting at the help desk and request the executive to do so. You must carry all the supportive documents you may have to showcase in case of a need or proof.

Can you alter your name on an Air Canada ticket via phone call?

If you cannot follow up the above-written modes, dial the Air Canada customer executive phone at 1 (888) 247-2262, where a live person will be available to whom you have to request the same. But before that, you must also provide all your earlier ticket details, and then the agent can proceed with your request.

NOTE: It is recommended to make an appropriate IVR selection because, based on the same, you will get a live person.

Does Air Canada charge for a name change?

The most common doubt which pops up in the mind is whether there is a particular charge for changing a name on a flight ticket. So, give your attentive look to the points discussed below:

  • Yes, an Air Canada name change fee begins from $60 and can go above $100.
  • However, the fee may vary promptly. Hence, you are advised to approach the Air Canada assistance team, who will guide you.

Does Air Canada consider your middle name on a flight ticket?

NO. Air Canada may not consider your middle name as important as your first and last name. However, the conditions may vary and depend upon your government-issued ID card. You must carry it as an alternative to produce when required.

Can you be allowed to fly with misspelled names on a flight ticket?

There is no fixed answer to the same. Sometimes, you may not be permitted to fly due to high-security alerts if your name does not match the flight ticket. However, other times, you may. So it's always better to be on the safer side.

Do you have to put your entire name on a flight ticket?

Your name on a ticket must match with that of the Passport. If it does not match, you may experience trouble, or the worst can be "disallowance to fly."

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