Do airlines allow you to change names on flight tickets?

Most airlines allow you to bring name modifications up to a few characters for free if you do it within the standard period. However, you can change the name of some airlines by paying the change charges and the administration fees. Also, it is possible that you can make name modifications on some airlines but cannot transfer the ticket to someone else.

If you need further assistance, can you change a plane ticket to another name; this article can guide you efficiently. Here, you can grab essential information on changing names on the flight. Let's find out!

How can you process the name change on any airline? 

First off, if you wish to make name changes, you must do it using the customer service of your chosen airline. The agents can help you make hassle-free changes as many airlines allow you to make changes online only within 24 hours of the booking. Also, you can bring the changes for free on some airlines if you look forward to changing up to three characters. Check out the below-mentioned steps to find the general method of changing names at any airline:

  • Open the website of your chosen airline and navigate the Manage Booking section.
  • You need to provide the ticket's details to retrieve your booking.
  • Once you access the booking, go to the name change section and bring essential modifications to your ticket.
  • Comply with the further instructions and then agree to the airline's terms and conditions. 
  • If there are any name change charges, pay them using your preferred payment method.
  • Lastly, the airline sends you an updated invoice for your ticket.

At some airlines, not only can you change a person name on a plane ticket but generate a new PNR for the other person. Check out the upcoming section to know the formalities to opt for if you made spelling mistakes.

In Case of a Spelling Mistake

  • If you unknowingly misspelled your name while booking a flight ticket, you need not be worried about it. You can contact the airline's customer service team to make the corrections for you or do it yourself using the airline's official portal. However, the airlines require you to match the corrected name as written on your passport to avoid further inconveniences. 
  • Majorly, airlines allow you to correct a few errors without charging anything, but it solely depends on the name change policy of your chosen airline.

In Case You Missed Your Surname

  • If you have two surnames and missed writing any of those two, you must contact your airline. And, if you booked your ticket from a travel agent, you need to contact them for any said changes. 
  • You could make free changes if you made a typo; however, the airline requires you to pay considerable charges for major changes.

So, if you wonder can you switch a plane ticket to someone else's name, the answer depends on the name change policy of your airline. In some cases, you need to cancel the whole reservation to transfer it to someone else, while on the other hand, some airlines allow you to complete the changes within the standard period. So if you want an untroubled experience, it is advised that you check in with your airline before processing the name change.

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