Can you check in online for Kuwait Airways?

Kuwait Airways offered services to North America, Europe, the Middle East, and the Indian Sub-continent to the Far East. Before boarding the flight, you have to check-in.

Does Kuwait Airways provide facilities for check-in online?

Online check-in service is provided to the passengers who permit to check in via the web. You can check in for the airline if you have a valid confirmed e-ticket, and check-in is allowed between 24 and 3 hours from the Scheduled departure. However, this service is not operated for all the destinations covered by Kuwait Airways.

Whether your station is eligible for online check-in, for that, you can check on the website. Click on the link You are required to provide flight number, destination, family name, passport information, and booking confirmation number/reference, also known as PNR, for online check-in via Kuwait airways. Moreover, there are various services offered by the airline, like Check-in. View/change seats, print e-Receipt, and receive check-in confirmation through email.

There are a few terms and conditions that are applicable; you have to adhere to them to avail of the check-in facilities. Please check out the following:

  • If you are traveling but a minor without any guardian or parents.
  • Your reserve a seat for ten or above in a single booking.
  • In case you have required any kind of medical assistance.

Process for online check-in via Kuwait Airways

The airline made the online check-in mode passengers-friendly. Follow the guide shared with you:

Make sure to enter the correct details of your passport and secondary travel documents asked by the airlines. Many nations demand advance details about the passenger's travel documents before arrival for relevant checks. Providing correct information will help with check-in formalities during departure, as well as government clearance on arrival. For airport check-in, follow the steps to reach via customer services:

  • Dial the contact number +965 24345555
  • Press 1 or 2 to select your language.
  • Press 3 for queries related to changing seat, flight, or destination.
  • Press 4 to make reservations
  • Press 5 to cancel and refund your flight.
  • Press 6 to learn about baggage services and loss issues.
  • Press 7 for other issues related to your booked flight.

This is another effortless way for Kuwait airways check-in.

Do I need to check in for my Kuwait Airways flight? 

Yes, on Kuwait Airways flights, you have to check in. as per the guidelines, it is mandatory to check in before boarding the flight. Check-in is a time-taking process. As a result, these days, most airlines offer online checking. If you are traveling via a Kuwait Airways flight, you are allowed for online check-in for most of the stations.

You can check in in different ways based on your convenience—the options a passenger of Kuwait Airlines you have online and offline. In case of offline, you have to check in before the flight to the airport. This means you have to leave the place early to get your flight on time.

If you want Kuwait Airways to check in online, Mobile is also a handy choice. Easy to follow steps for check-in via mobile app:

  • Visit
  • Enter the required information as departure name, last name, and booking reference.
  • Click the submit button.

You can go to the official website of Kuwait airways to check in online. In case of any trouble, you can always reach the airline via customer support.

How many hours before check-in in Kuwait Airways?

Passengers are permitted to check in between 24 and 3 hours before the scheduled departure of their flight. This is applicable for the web Kuwait Airways check-in time for the flights that are operated by Kuwait Airlines. A valid confirmed e-ticket is mandatory for the web check-in. If you are having personal issues that lead to a delay in your check-in, you should talk with the live representative available at the Kuwait airline.

How many kg of luggage is allowed on Kuwait Airways?

The weight of the luggage usually depends on the flight ticket. Standard Free Baggage policy of Kuwait Airways:

  • Royal class is three bags with 32 Kg each piece.
  • In the case of First class and Business class, passengers are permitted to carry three bags with 32 Kg for each piece and two bags not more than 32 kg for each piece.  
  • If you are a Platinum member of Oasis Club for Royal, First, and Business class, you are allowed an extra piece of 32 Kg. Compared to Economy class, one additional piece of 32 Kg is permitted. You booked a flight as a gold or silver member of Royal, First, Business, or Economy class, carrying one extra piece of approximately 23 Kg.
  • Infants are also granted permission to carry baggage up to 10 Kg on Kuwait Airways.
  • You can buy Pre-paid Extra Baggage Online space by calling customer support within 24 hours with a 15% discount. Keep in mind that all the payments for baggage are non-refundable.  

If the baggage exceeds the permissible limits, you will be charged an excess baggage charge. Enter at the Kuwait airport without baggage and proceed to Kuwait airways departure lounge Zone 1 Kuwait airways check-in baggage desk almost 90 minutes prior to the departure time of your flight. There you have to present your e-receipt for boarding passes.

However, the instructions for other airports to proceed at least 2 hours before your scheduled time for online/check-in desk to show the e-receipt and baggage.

What is the baggage size for Kuwait Airways?

Are you looking for the baggage size for your next Kuwait Airways? This is the right place where you get details related to the dimension for a regular check-in. If that limit is a little crossover, what are the other alternatives offered by the airline for the convenience of the flyers? Please check here Kuwait Airways check-in baggage size:

  • Royal class cabin dimension is 110X65X75 cm. Maximum dimension can be up to 25cm/98 inches.
  • First class cabin permits the baggage size of 110X65X75cm. The utmost dimension included is 250cm/98inch.
  • The business class cabin can accept up to 90X65X75cm. You are permitted excess dimension 158 cm/62inch
  • Economy class cabin agreed for a dimension 90X65X75cm. If you want to carry maximum dimensions is 158cm/62inch.

Additionally, after the cabin, hand luggage is allowed. One additional item can be a lady's handbag, briefcase, coat, cape, blanket, umbrella, miniature camera, walking stick, or duty-free item bought on the day of the flight. Furthermore, those passengers traveling by Kuwait Airways to the UK and USA must make sure that their electronic items such as laptops, tablets, or mobiles carried as hand luggage must be kept on plus out of their coverage due to security reasons. These items are permitted to be in the custody of the passengers during the flight.

Items more significant than the maximum permissible dimensions need separate shipping as cargo. Based on the IATA safety regulations, the whole weight of each piece should not exceed 32 kg.

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