Guide to Travel On Alaska Airlines during COVID-19 Pandemic: Requirements & Restrictions

Traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic has become quite difficult for a large part of passengers. Many airlines such as Alaska Airlines have made several changes to their travel policies to ensure better safety of their passengers. However, there are times when passengers get confused with the updated travel policies of the airline and face last-minute inconvenience with their travel. Now, if you are someone who is also planning to travel on Alaska Airlines, then here’s what you need to know.

Does Alaska Airlines Require A Covid Test?

Passengers who are wondering does Alaska require a covid test should know that the airline requires a COVID test of passengers who are older than the age of 5 and are unvaccinated. Also, the test report should be from a trusted testing partner and taken within 72 hours of the scheduled departure of the flight especially to Hawaii.

In addition, negative test results must be available on the passenger’s Safe Travels profile before the scheduled departure of their Hawaii-bound flight.

Important COVID Rules on Alaska Airlines

  • As per the Alaska airlines covid rules, the airline requires its unvaccinated passengers to carry a negative RTPCR/Antigen from the last 72 hours prior to their scheduled departure.
  • Passengers are not allowed to travel on the Alaska Airlines flight without wearing masks and even they are vaccinated.
  • Passengers who are vaccinated are still required to carry their COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card with themselves to ensure their Pre-Clear status.
  • Passengers who are traveling to Hawaii, Alaska, Chicago, and New York are required to bring their negative COVID-19 report from the last 72 hours prior to their scheduled departure date. However, if they are not willing to take the test, then they’ll need to comply with a 10-day self-quarantine before their travel.

For more info on the Alaska airlines covid rules, you can also reach out to the airline’s customer services experts and get their assistance.

Travel Restrictions Due To COVID-19 on Alaska Airlines

The following are the major Alaska airlines travel restrictions that you should know about.

  • Violation of social distancing norms.
  • No hugs or hands shake are allowed
  • Passengers are not allowed to miss their proof of vaccination
  • Assuming that everyone is vaccinated or is a virus-spreader.
  • No COVID-19 rules can be violated.

For more info on the Alaska airlines travel restrictions, COVID-19 rules, and test-related queries, kindly reach out to the airline’s customer services and get better assistance.

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