Does Southwest have a military discount?

Can I find a military discount at Southwest Airlines?

Southwest Airlines stores good news for military personnel and their family members: the airline has launched its military discount to honor the military veterans. You can save a great deal while booking a flight at Southwest if you redeem your military discount. Additionally, the military discount wraps up several perks inside it that can amaze you.

If you want to learn about the Southwest military benefits, you have stumbled upon a useful article. Here, you can find all-inclusive details about using military discounts at Southwest Airlines; dive in!

Things to Know About the Southwest Military Discount

With the skyrocketing price of airfares, military discounts can be a sigh of relief to many. You can save expenses by redeeming the discount while booking a ticket to your preferred destination. You might be able to get a flat discount of up to 10-15% on the flight booking, but not everyone is eligible to use the military discount. Check out the eligibility criteria for using the offer bestowed upon by Southwest:

  • The military discount is valid only if you are active military personnel or close acquaintance with them.
  • However, the discount stays invalid if you are in the National Guard, Reserves, or are a retired militant.
  • But, you can talk to the airline directly with the airline if you are active-duty military personnel and work in the National Guard or Reserves to get the discount; if you are lucky and cordial enough, you might snap the deal!

The Southwest military discount is not limited to airfares, but you can find several other advantages. You can find some relief in the baggage allowances and cancellation if you qualify for the military discount. Check out the next section to get detailed knowledge about the privileges.

Benefits of Using Military Discount: Southwest Airlines

  • If you used a military discount, the airline does not impose any charges for your two checked bags; but the catch here is that your bags should not weigh more than 50 lbs each.
  • If you are an active militant or related to one, you might escape the chances of paying the cancellation charges.
  • Also, if you require some changes like date, route, or destination, you can modify the reservation without paying anything.

So, ensure that you qualify to redeem the military discount introduced by the airline. Contact the Southwest customer service number to use the discount in booking a flight ticket if you are eligible. You can even ask the agents to redeem the discount code in-flight cancellation or towards the baggage allowance at your convenience!

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