Does Southwest airlines have extra legroom seats?

It may make or ruin your day if you have a correct seat on your flight. Southwest, unlike other airlines, maintains an open seating policy. When it's your board turn, you can choose any open seat on the plane.

But how can you know which seat is best for you if you aren't a frequent flyer? Which center has the most legroom? Or Does Southwest have good legroom? Here are some details for selecting the most okay Southwest Airlines seat for the most comfortable travel possible.

Does Southwest have good legroom?

The more excellent news is that Southwest has good legroom than most domestic airlines. However, if you're particularly tall, that might not suffice. Sure, the bulkhead and (some) exit rows have extra legroom, but there's one seat in particular that you'll want to find The Best Seat. 

Southwest Airlines Seat configuration

Southwest Airlines operates Boeing 737-700 and Boeing 737-800 airlines. 

  • 737-700 (Boeing): Southwest Airlines' Boeing 737-700 airline has 143 seats 
  • 737-800 (Boeing): The Boeing 737-800 has 175 seats.

The extra Legroom Seat on the Southwest 

The southwest extra legroom seats, 12A on a 737-700, are ideal for extra legroom since they allow you to extend your legs further than any other seat on the plane. Because there is no passenger seat in front of you, you have a lot of space.

Seat 12A has an insane amount of legroom!

This is wonderful for extra legroom, but keep in mind that you won't be able to store your carry-on below the seat in front of you (row 11)

How do I get extra legroom on Southwest?

Southwest Airlines has a unique seating process. Whereas most airlines assign you a specific seat, Southwest provides you a boarding number and allows you to select any available seat on the plane. Some people love choosing who they sit next to, while others dislike the added stress of not knowing where they will sit until they board the plane. We want to brainstorm some suggestions for southwest extra legroom seats, and they might have seemed to work out very well for you. 

  • If you want the most legroom, get a seat in the airline's first row of the airline or the exit row. 
  • If you are flying with Boeing 737-700, the most legroom seat is 12 A
  • And for Boeing 737-800, the most legroom seat is 16A AND 16F. So to get the extra legroom, try to book from any of them. 

However, the southwest business seating is less expensive and luxurious than the business class. So, if you want more extra legroom, you need to pay for them. Consider paying up. 

For additional details about the Southwest airlines booking for extra legroom, contact the customer service team of the Southwest. The airline has the best customer service team, which will resolve all your queries quickly. 

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