Is this any way by which you can change your name to Emirates ticket?

Booking with Emirates Airlines can make your journey memorable or joyful. For this reason, most flyers love to travel with these airlines. Due to this, you can also reserve seats on the Emirates. However, you are not happy because while booking, you mistakenly made the mistake of updating your name. And, for this reason, you are worried about how you can travel on the Emirates with the wrong name. And looking to can, I change my name on the Emirates Ticket. And, looking for it. So, yes, you can emirates name change as per the name change policy. However, whenever you change your name, it is a must to know about the policy because it is easy but not easy to change your name with Emirates Airlines.

Emirates name change/correction policy 

Whenever you are going to change your name with Emirates Airlines, it is required to go through it & remember this while name changing due to it having some limitations of it. So, pursue its terms & conditions that are: 

  • If you make your reservation with Emirates Airlines, the name change will be done online.
  • The airlines can allow the passenger to change their name to no more than 4 letters. And you can change the 4 letters of the name from the first, middle, and last names. 
  • A passenger doesn't have permission to provide the ticket to another person if they don't want to fly. For this, they have to cancel their ticket and rebook their flight.
  • If the passenger can book a flight with Emirates Skyward, they only change their name up to 4 letters. 
  • If the passenger has divorced or married, they must be required to show the certificate of it as proof to change their name from the Emirates Airline's ticket.
  • To name modification, a passenger must pay the airline's charges.
  • After allowing by Emirates Airlines, you can change your name.
  • You can change your name's 4 letters free of cost. Change it within 24 hours of the booking when you can do this. 
  • And, at last, you can change your name within 24 hours of flying the flight from the departure by paying a name change fee.

After going through the emirates name change policy, passengers can easily change their name from the Emirates tickets. But before requesting a name change, it is a must to know how much the airline cost will take from you. 

How much is the Emirates name change fee? 

If you don't know how much the emirates name change cost, here you will learn about it. So, you must pay the Emirates name change fee of $30. And, you have to pay the 

How can I change my name in the Emirates profile?

You can easily change your name from the Emirates Profile in two ways. Therefore, you must pursue the methods that are stated there step-by-step. So, that is:

Name change through Emirates website: for that, you need to track down the steps that are,

  1. Navigate the Emirates Airlines web page on your search engine 
  2. Then, tap on "manage my booking." 
  3. On the next page, you will see Enter your "last name" and "booking reference" and click on the "retrieve booking."
  4. There you will see all the details of your booking
  5. Now you can edit your details, and there has an option, 
  6. To request a name change, 
  7. If the airline allows you to change your name, change your name
  8. Pay the name change fee to Emirates Airlines. 

Further, the airline will send you its notification on your phone. 

Name change via Emirates customer service: you can also change your name by customer service. A passenger must open the "Help & contact" tab under the "help" option. There you will see the phone call option, take the number +18007773999 and dial the number and call the live person and wait for reverting the call to the IVR call, and after connecting with it, listen to it with full concentration. 

  • Press 1 booking 
  • Press 2 canceling
  • Get a refund, press 3
  • Press 4 to change the name 
  • Press 5 flight change
  • To speak with the Emirates person, press 8

So, to change the name from Emirates Customer service, press 4 and request a name change. The airline asks you to share details to modify your character. Give it and pay the fee for name changing.

Hence, you can easily do emirates name correction from your ticket. And after name changes, you will get your name modification on your linked device, and you can easily travel on the flight. Further, if you interact with any issue, call on +18007773999.

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