Is Emirates allowing name change on tickets?


Yes, you can make name changes in your Emirates ticket, provided that you are allowed to make changes up to four characters only. You can make changes in the first, middle and last name on the ticket, but you can make the four-character changes on either of them.

To process any said changes, you must abide by the Emirates name change policy presented by the airline. This article can help you understand the name change policy and other regulations correlated with the change.

General Name Change Policy of Emirates 

Have you mistakenly misspelled your name while booking an Emirates ticket? Do not worry, as the name change policy of Emirates can rescue you. Below-discussed is a list of guidelines that you must check out to make the changes hassle-free:

  • The name change policy does not encourage passengers to swap directly or indirectly; you cannot change the ownership of your ticket.
  • You can process the Emirates name change formalities under legal considerations like marriage, divorce, or legal name change; however, you need to provide essential documents to swap your first or last name.
  • If you purchased your ticket via Skywards Frequent Flyer Reward, you are not eligible to change the existing name; but you can request name changes up to four characters for your Skywards flight.
  • After you complete the changes for your Emirates ticket, the airline issues the corrected name on the existing PNR only. 
  • If you cancel a ticket due to misspelled name, you need to cancel the whole segment before its departure; otherwise, the airline marks you as a no-show, and you cannot receive any refund in case of a no-show.
  • Also, to proceed with the Emirates name change on the ticket, ensure that the corrected name matches the one on the government-issued ID or passport. But, you must also prepare yourself to pay for the name changes. The name change fees usually depend on the fare type you choose while booking. In the next section, you can find the details of the name change fees of Emirates.

Name Change Fees of Emirates

If you have purchased a Basic Fare or Economy Flex, you need to pay around USD 250, and USD 200 is the name change fee if you booked a Business Basic, Flex, or Value ticket from Emirates.

You must understand the applied Emirates name change fee to avoid future inconveniences or surprises. You ensure a seamless change experience if you consider the terms and conditions before requesting it. However, you can talk to the Emirates customer service team if you face any trouble completing the name changes.

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