How do I make name changes on the Indigo flight?

Keeping in mind the current scenario, Indigo Airlines is not allowing name corrections if you have a confirmed booking. If you have a confirmed reservation, you must cancel it first and proceed with a new reservation. However, if your PNR is yet to be confirmed, you can bring the necessary changes to your ticket. 

Like that, there is some Indigo name change policy that every traveler must keep in mind to make the name corrections. In this article, you can find easy steps for name correcting and some relatable name change guidelines as mentioned by Indigo.

Methods of Name Change at Indigo

If you have a confirmed reservation at Indigo, you can contact the airline's Reservations Center to correct the name. Follow the given steps and make desired corrections:

  • Dial the official reservations center number of the airline and wait until you hear the instructions.
  • Once you get the IVR instructions, follow them consciously and press the number keys to get through the concerned department.
  • After an agent connects on the other side, you must tell them the details of the name corrections that you wish to make.
  • Provide additional information like your Indigo PNR Number, email address, and last name.
  • First, the agent checks your ticket's eligibility; if it qualifies, they perform the further formalities of the name change. 

Hold the line and let the executives process the Indigo name change formalities for you. However, you must know that there are some charges that you must pay to complete the name correction. Also, if you take the help of agents, then you must pay the administration fee as well.

Name Change Fees at Indigo

Indigo imposes some applicable penalties for name changes in your existing reservation. Check out the charges that you must pay to bring essential changes suiting your situation:

  • If you make name changes four days before the flight's departure, you might have to pay 2500 INR.
  • Also, if you make changes three days prior to the flight's set departure, you must be levied 4000 INR for the said changes.
  • You must pay the name change fees and the flight difference if any. However, if the original ticket is cheaper than the new one, the passenger can refund the difference.

It is quite easy to complete the Indigo name change in a ticket on your own. But, to not face any future inconveniences, you must stay updated with the discussed regulations imposed by the airline. Moreover, for further assistance, you can consider talking to the ever-present customer service team of Indigo.

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