How can I save money on airline baggage fees?

If you are traveling abroad and do not wish to pay an excessive amount on your checked bags, there are several tips you can keep beforehand. Several airlines understand your baggage-related concerns, and that is why they are introducing several facilities. From miles programs to loyalty credits, the airlines put forth everything to make your check-in process even more seamless.

There are several flexible items of baggage and check-in policies set across by many airlines to keep the checked baggage fee affordable and efficient for travelers. This article can be beneficial to make a clear understanding if you also need to know how to avoid airline baggage fees.

Tips and tricks to avoid baggage fees

Take help from the given tips and tricks if you want to avoid any baggage fees on your checked bags:

  • You might be able to save up to $50 if you are carrying an additional item with your carry-on bag.
  • Many airlines regularly release loyalty programs; it is advisable to subscribe with them and earn loyalty travel points.
  • These points can help you in future travels, seat up-gradation, and even check-in your luggage without paying any extra charges.
  • To avoid any baggage fee, consider purchasing premium tickets provided by the airline during the booking process; these tickets can help you check-in with your luggage without paying any remuneration.
  • Some airlines allow their Premium Ticket passengers to get checked bags for free, but the catch here is the baggage must satisfy the standard dimension set as per the policy.
  • If you have any military documents, you are qualified to bring checked bags for free.
  • Also, if you are an active military member, you are privileged to have three to five checked bags with you for free.

If you do not wish to pay extra money for your checked bags, these are some points to keep in mind.

Airlines with cheap baggage fees

Though some airlines have increased the checked baggage fees by now, several airlines allow passengers to pay less on their checked bags. Below mentioned are some prominent names of airlines that have cheap baggage fees:

  • Delta Airlines
  • JetBlue Airways
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Alaska Airlines
  • United Airlines

Stop wondering which airline has the cheapest baggage fees, and do not forget to double-check the baggage policy of your desired airline for your next vacation. The above mentioned are the names of some airlines providing you access to cheap baggage fees to make your travel convenient and smoother.

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