How can you change your Air China flight?

Are you seeking information on how to change your Air China flight? Air China emphasizes passengers in all situations since this is a customer-centric airline. The ability to change a flight if necessary is one of the many exceptional privileges provided by Air China. The section below contains more information on the process for Air China flight change, as well as the policies that apply.

Find out how to change your Air China flight

If you need to alter your flight, feel free to contact Air China immediately or do it yourself via its website... According to airline rules, you may additionally be obligated to pay an Air China change flight fee. Please follow the instructions below to learn how to change an Air China flight.

  • To initiate, open your browser and go to the Air China website.
  • Then, from the main page, go to the Booking Management link and click on it.
  • Select Check My Booking, then enter your confirmation number, or e-ticket number
  • After that, you have to enter the surname of the passenger as well.
  • Once you press the retrieve button, all of your Air China flights will appear.
  • From a list of all your reservations, select the flight you want to change.
  • Click to see the specifics of your flights, and then make any necessary changes to your itinerary.
  • Finally, you should pay the relevant fee, and you'll be informed once Air China confirms your request for a flight change.

Know about Air China policy on flight changes

Changes can be made based on the kind of ticket purchased and the availability of seats. If you're interested in learning more about Air China flight change policy, read the following points.

  • According to Air China's policy, Passengers who change a flight ticket the same day as their booking are not charged any extra fee.
  • As per Air China's flight change policy, the passenger must have a valid ticket in order to modify their planned trip.
  • Before beginning the check-in procedure, passengers must submit a flight change request to Air China. When a request for change is filed after check-in, flight change costs will be imposed on the total ticket amount.
  • Passengers who desire to change the booked flights on overseas trips must pay international flight change costs to Air China.

In addition to understanding how to change a flight, you may contact Air China's customer service for any further information about your booking or whatever else. Customers may get full help from the airlines from the moment they book a flight till they reach their destination.

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