Can you change the names on a plane ticket from WestJet?

When it involves Travelling, it is common for a plan to change, and on events, it can include changing the ticket on the flight. Whether it is due to a typo, marriage, or another purpose, understanding the WestJet name change policy, process, and charges related to airline tickets is essential. In this blog, we tell you about you with name changes on plane tickets, exploring specific situations, and losing the light on the terms, conditions, and prices involved.

Name Change Policy on the plane ticket WestJet

Most airways have particular rules concerning name changes on airline tickets. Studying the airline's name change policy before proceeding with any changes is important.

Here are some standard pointers:

  • Name Change Permitted: Certain airways permit name changes. however, generally, they come with favorable situations and costs. It is better to consult the airline's website or contact customer service.
  • Name Change Not Permitted: Some airlines have strict guidelines that do not allow any changes to the name on a price ticket. In such cases, the access is considered non-transferable, and attempting to adjust the name might also result in ticket cancellation.

WestJet Name change process

While the specific method and rules for WestJet change name on booking can vary between airlines, so, take a look at the process for changing the name on a WestJet:

  • Contact WestJet Customer Service: Contact WestJet's customer service branch through their helpline or e-mail.
  • Provide Supporting Documentation: if you change your ticket due to marriage, you must post a marriage certificate.
  • Confirm Eligibility and Fees: WestJet's customer support representative will tell you about your eligibility for a name change and any associated charges.
  • Pay Name Change Fee: If a name change is authorized using WestJet and there may be a rate worried, you may be required to pay the appropriate amount.
  • Review Updated Ticket Details: After receiving confirmation, carefully assess the updated ticket information to ensure accuracy.

It's important to know that WestJet's name change policy, expenses, and methods can change over the years.

WestJet Name Change Fee

Airlines usually charge for processing the changes when a name change is authorized. Here are some key points to do not forget about the WestJet name change fee, terms, and conditions:

  • Fee Variation: Name change costs can range from a nominal charge to a widespread amount. It's essential to check the particular airline's policy to apprehend the charge structure associated with the name change.
  • Ticket Type: The kind of ticket bought can affect the name exchange rate. For instance, non-refundable tickets frequently have higher charges than flexible or refundable ones.

Name Change Due to Marriage:

Most airlines are inclined to house this variation if you change your name because of marriage or a legal name change. However, providing the supporting documentation for the WestJet name change marriage is crucial. Airlines generally require a copy of the wedding certificates or felony name change document to change the name.

Terms and Conditions:

When considering a name change on a plane ticket, be privy to the following trendy terms and conditions:

  • Non-Transferable Tickets: Most Airways tickets are non-transferable, meaning the price of the ticket can not be changed.
  • Multiple Name Changes: Airlines regularly impose restrictions on the range of times a name can be changed. It's critical to study the specific policy.


Changing names on a plane ticket is possible in certain situations, which include marriage or minor corrections. However, it comes with specific rules, prices, and conditions imposed by using the airline. It is critical to check the WestJet name change policy. Remember to contact the airline directly for the maximum correct and up-to-date statistics.

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