How to change the name on a WestJet ticket?

It is easy to change names on WestJet as it provides a flexible name change policy for its travelers. Do not worry if you have mistakenly misspelled one or two characters in the name while booking a ticket. You can make corrections by visiting the airline's official website or contacting customer service.

The WestJet name correction policy helps you process the formalities without any drawbacks. Moreover, you can find further information about the name change policy presented by the airline. Keep reading!

General Name Change Policy on WestJet

Changing names once the reservation is confirmed can be a troublesome task. But you have nothing to worry about if you have booked your ticket with WestJet. The airline has bestowed upon some of the most flexible name change policies, making it stand out from the crowd. Check out the further mentioned terms and conditions if you want to make name corrections hassle-free:

  • At WestJet, a traveler can make name corrections up to two hours before the flight's scheduled departure; however, you must pay the name change penalty in such a case.
  • You can make name corrections or any other modification on all the fare types except if you booked a basic fare.
  • Also, if you make name changes within 24 hours of the booking, the airline helps you by charging no fees at all for the said changes. 
  • The other best thing about WestJet's name change policy is that you can fully change the name on the ticket. This can benefit you when you face an unavoidable situation making it harder to start the journey.
  • As per the WestJet name change policy, the charges to make corrections in the existing ticket depend on your flight's route. Below-given is the applicable charges that you must pay if:

1. Travel within Canada: 

  • If you booked an Economy, Economy Flex, Premium, or Business class ticket, you must pay up to 118 CAD to make name corrections.

2. Travel from Canada to Outside Europe: 

  • The applicable name change charges in such a case vary between 100 to 118 CAD, depending on the route.

3. Travel from Canada to Europe: 

  • You can bring name changes in any fare type by paying name change charges equivalent to 177 CAD applicable per person. 

You can process the WestJet name change on ticket online without facing troubles. However, if you face any problem correcting the name, you can always contact the airline's customer service team. The agents can process the name change formalities on your behalf to lead an untroubled booking experience.

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