How to change a name on an Alaska Airlines reservation?

Consider yourself lucky if you booked an Alaska Airlines ticket for your next trip, as the airline has an extremely flexible policy to offer. You can make required name changes in your ticket at the airline provided that you adhere to some pre-decided regulations. 

The Alaska Airlines name change procedure is quite easy as it requires some documents to process the change. In this article, you can find some easy to comprehend terms and conditions of name change imposed by Alaska Airlines. Read carefully.

When can you make name changes to your Alaska Airlines ticket?

Not all travelers can make name changes once the reservation is confirmed. The airline allows you to make corrections only if:

  • The change is up to three characters only.
  • The name change is obvious and does not change the full name.
  • You mistakenly used your nickname instead of your full name.
  • You wish to make name inversion in the First and Last Name section.
  • You are making changes because of marriage or divorce.

So, if your situation checks off any of the mentioned points, you are eligible for the name change. But before you process the name change, you must have a clear idea about Alaska Airlines name change policy to make the procedure seamless. Read the upcoming section to learn more about the name change policy so that you do not face any difficulties in the future.

Some General Conditions Regarding Name Change: Alaska Airlines 

Below given is a list of name change clauses proposed by Alaska Airlines that every traveler looking for a name change must abide by:

  • You can skip paying any extra charges to change names if you complete the formalities within 24 hours of its actual booking.
  • Also, if your name is changed legally after you booked a flight that is still to depart, you can make necessary changes without spending a single buck for it.
  • However, if you wish to make name changes due to marriage, do not worry as you can travel with the same name; but, you must carry your marriage certificate with you while boarding your flight.
  • And, if you want to make name corrections after the risk-free period, you must pay the applicable charges to complete the process.

You must complete the name change procedure as per the standard rules to skip paying the name change feeBut, if you fail to comply with the regulations involved in the name change, you must pay the penalty. 

How much is the name change fee on Alaska Airlines?

At Alaska Airlines, if you bring name changes beyond the 24 hours of booking, the airline might subject you to a change fee. The fees to bring changes can vary up to $125, depending on the fare type. A traveler can even transfer names by paying a transfer fee equivalent to $125 plus any fare difference. 

But, Alaska Airlines name change fee is zero if you complete the changes within a day of the booking. So, if you do not want to pay any charges against the name change, follow the instructions carefully. You can also take help from the Alaska Airlines customer support team to do the needful on your behalf if you find the change difficult to proceed on your own.

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