How do I request special assistance on Singapore Airlines?

Does Singapore Airlines provide special assistance?

Singapore Airlines takes good care of its differently-abled travelers. The airline leverages special assistance, and you can access them while booking a ticket. You can find a myriad of assistants at the airline to make your journey seamless and less hectic.

Are you looking for Singapore Airlines special assistance for the elderly? You can find that too at the airline; check out the upcoming section to find all-inclusive details about getting special assistance.

What assistance can you book at Singapore Airlines?

You can book the following special assistance from the airline:

1. Traveling with Children 

2. Unaccompanied Minors

3. Pregnant Women

4. Mobility Assistance

5. Traveling with Pets

6. Medical Information 

7. Disability Assistance

How do you book special assistance at Singapore Airlines?

Do you wish to book Singapore Airlines special assistance? Well, you can rely on some easy-to-comprehend steps. Follow the given steps, and you can get yourself special assistance:

  • Go to the official website of Singapore Airlines and reach for the Travel Info section on the homepage.
  • You need to select the Special Assistance Request Form link from that section.
  • Provide the given details in the respective blank field:
  • Full Name
  • Booking Reference Number
  • Flight Information like its number followed by the arrival and departure locations and journey dates.
  • Proceed by selecting the assistance you require from the airline and provide contact information to receive important notifications.
  • Submit the form and wait until the airline gets back to you with an all-inclusive assistance update.

So, you can take help from the given steps to book assistance from Singapore Airlines without facing any hassle. However, some essential highlights are associated with every traveler's assistance in mind.

Things to Consider Before Booking Special Assistance 

Check out the essential matters to look into before you book the following mentioned assistance:

When You Book Wheelchair:

  • You can easily book Singapore Airlines wheelchair assistance and avail of the perks that come with the assistance. The airline provides you with a wheelchair-accessible lavatory and a spare wheelchair between the lavatory and seat.
  • The airline requires you to book the assistance at least 48 hours before your flight's scheduled departure; it provides extra time for the airline to arrange everything accordingly.

When You Book Child Assistance:

  • If you are traveling with a child, Singapore Airlines gives you an advance seat selection option for free. Likewise, if an infant accompanies you, you can benefit from the priority boarding facility.
  • Also, the airline encourages the comfort of a mother, which is why it provides flexibility to the mother. You can bring as much milk as your child might require during the journey, and you get additional baby products once you are onboard. 

So, now you know about booking assistance to make your journey away from any worry. But, what if you face technical faults while booking assistance? Don't frown, as you can always contact the Singapore Airlines customer service team for help. The agents can guide you about booking assistance, or you can directly ask them to perform the formalities on your behalf. 

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