How do you negotiate a plane ticket?

Is it Possible to Negotiate the Cost of an Airline Ticket?

As airlines consolidate, trim routes, and limit discounts to protect their always-fragile bottom lines, negotiating rates with airlines is becoming increasingly difficult. You must demonstrate a significant amount of travel, as well as the ability to direct and transfer that volume to a preferred airline in order to even get an airline to pick up the phone and negotiate. Set practical negotiating goals based on the scope of your travel program once you've established that foundation.

There are a large number of travel agencies all over the world. For the same flight, they all have different pricing. Although you may not be able to directly bargain with airlines or travel agencies, you may compare them. You may be able to find fares that are less expensive than those offered by airlines (because many Travel agencies have bulk fares or they might be promotional) you would get a better deal on plane tickets if you wait until the last minute. Early in the week, most airlines attempt to offload undersold flights for the following weekend. However, flight prices are cheaper when purchased in advance. To put it another way, the safest bet is to book 50 to 100 days in advance. Now, let’s discuss how to negotiate airline ticket prices. There are many different ways to negotiate a flight ticket some of them are mentioned below:

  • Service to Customers

It is generally safest to call the airline directly and speak with customer service when attempting to negotiate airline ticket prices. While the representatives are unlikely to be able to change ticket prices for you, they will be able to tell you when the cheapest tickets are available and may be able to provide you with a discounted rate through a corporate rate, travel membership, or other means. 

  • Agents of travel

Travel agents also try to negotiate airline rates for you. Even if the travel agency is unable to negotiate your desired ticket price, it may be able to offer a price that is within your budget. 

  • Sites to Visit

Going through a big travel website is another successful method of third-party airline ticket price "negotiation." These websites work with airlines to get you the best ticket prices possible. Simply enter your travel details and select the most cost-effective option. 

  • However, unless you are purchasing a large number of tickets, dealing with anyone at an airline who has the authority to change listed prices will be difficult. I'm thinking of a large company's travel department; even then, it'd have to be Amazon or Microsoft-sized companies to get anything more than the standard bulk discounts. 
  • If you're transporting a group of 100 people somewhere, such as a destination wedding, chartering a dedicated aircraft would be less expensive and more flexible than individual airfares. 
  • If you're a regular customer, you might be able to get a better deal negotiating the travel agent fee or buying tickets and holiday packages for a big family. But you'd have to do it with an independent travel agency rather than a chain because you'd have to be a big customer to get much.
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