How long can you hold a flight reservation?

What does flight holding means?

Holding a seat means that you are booking that seat for yourself for some specific time only. For example, if an airline has only 10 seats and you placed a hold on one of them then the airlines can only sell the remaining 9 seats until the hold lifts, after 24 hours you will no longer have the privilege to hold the hold and the airlines will sell 10 seats. They might not sell it right away.

How can I hold to a flight reservation without paying?

It is very convenient to put a booking on hold. The process is mentioned below:

STEP 1: Open the website or app from where you want to book your flight.

STEP 2: enter all the required information.

STEP 3: when you will be redirected to your payment page click on the hold option.

STEP 4: then your booking will be on hold for free of cost, then within or after 24 hours you can book your ticket by paying only the ticket amount.


STEP 1: After selecting your flights and entering all your information then click on hold.

STEP 2: there will be an opinion for extending the hold. Tap on that

STEP 3: After this, you will have to make the payment for the extent. (Non-refundable)

STEP 4: Payment will be automatically deducted from your account and you will receive an email.

STEP 5: you can pay and cancel the flight whenever you want. But the prices of the ticket can change.

How long can I hold a flight reservation?

The maximum time for hold is 24 hours. You can also reserve your seat without paying any charges and if you wish to confirm your ticket then you can pay that time.  The airlines will not exceed the hold time as it can be a risk for them because it is not mandatory that you will buy the tickets so the airlines might lose other customers. But if you wish to extend your hold then you have to pay some extra charges for it. It is their respect to their customers that they are allowing you to hold your seats.

Hold on reservation of different flights:

Many airlines have different policies which they stick by. So some of these are mentioned below:

1. AMERICAN AIRLINES: During the booking process, American airlines provide a free "keep" option for your convenience. If you book more than seven days in advance of your departure, you can put your reservation on hold for up to 24 hours. Select the "Free 24 hour hold" option on the official website of American airlines. When booking American Airlines flights operated by codeshare partners. During the booking process:

•          Go over to the "Review and Pay" tab. You can use the "Keep" option to Reservations on American airlines can be kept for up to 24 hours.

•          Make your travel arrangements in advance.

2. DELTA AIRLINES: In delta airlines, you're offered the choice to carry your booking for twenty-four hours. As per the transportation department, the airline should either keep the price tag on hold twenty-four hours of purchase. There is a Delta airlines refund choice. In delta airlines, there is a policy that states that if you hold a reservation and then, later on, you confirm your booking you are charged $25 as a direct ticketing charge.

3. EMIRATE AIRLINES: In Emirates airline, if you've found the best flight deal, but you're not quite ready to book. Do you need to make some last-minute holiday arrangements? Do you have any doubts about the date? You can now change your mind about your flight without having to pay a new fare. At checkout, select Hold My Fare to save up to 72 hours on a specific flight fare. You'll be guaranteed a seat on that flight and won't be charged any additional fees if the fare rises after you book. When you are all set to book a flight then you need to have your booking id and your name.

4.  KOREAN AIRLINES: When it comes to reservation Hold, Korean Air has the most flexible policy. You have 30 days from the time you put your reservation ticket on hold to pay for it or cancel it. If you're short on miles and need to pass or gain enough to redeem, or your travel plans aren't set in stone, an award hold is useful.

5. INDIGO AIRLINES: Indigo airlines have a policy where their Customers can use ‘Flex Pay' to postpone payment for a booking on an Indigo domestic flight for up to fifteen (15) days from the date of the booking by paying a small sum upfront. The FlexPay payment would be 10% of the overall price or Up to Rs 400, which is even higher, and paid by each traveler (FlexPay Payment). If a customer chooses this choice when purchasing on the website, the FlexPay Payment will be measured automatically as 10% of the overall price, with an average of Rupees 400 for every person for every category.

6. HAWAIIAN AIRLINES: For one-way or roundtrip flight reservations booked on their official website and operated by Hawaiian Airlines, the option is valid. If a hold booking is not booked by 11:59 p.m. Hawaii Time Zone on the expiry date, it would be cancelled immediately. Hawaiian Airlines reserves the right to terminate any booking which does not comply with these Agreed terms and conditions and any other Hawaiian Airline rule.

7. CATHAY PACIFIC: In Cathay pacific policies, you won't have to think regarding costs rising or flights sold out because you can now lock in your flight cost for 72 hours until purchasing, they are allowing you enough time to make your decision. This policy is not valid when you travel from India. The booking will be spontaneously cancelled.

8. AIR NEW ZEALAND: After you've charged the Fare Hold charge, you'll have three days to confirm the booking by making a payment for your tickets. Just do nothing if you decide that you no longer want those flights, and they will be immediately cancelled. The fare hold is non-refundable so it will not be refunded.

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