How many bags can I bring on Virgin Atlantic?

Virgin Atlantic, a British airline, is known for its impressive services in about 30 destinations worldwide. The airline has designed baggage policies to benefit its travelers and help them lead a joyous journey. Every traveler must abide by the baggage allowance if they wish to avoid any inconveniences in the future. 

This article can guide efficiently about the Virgin Atlantic baggage allowance and other details related to the airline's baggage policy. However, if you face any trouble and want to understand the policies better, you can contact Virgin Atlantic customer service.

Virgin Atlantic Baggage Allowance Terms and Conditions

If you booked an upper class with Virgin Atlantic, you could carry two items as hand luggage with you. But none of them should exceed the standard weight of 12 kg/26lbs, and when combined, they should not exceed 16 kg/35 lbs. There are some other things to keep in mind about the baggage allowance of the airline before you proceed to the airport:

  • Travelers are not allowed to share their baggage allowance with any other person if they have booked an individual ticket. 
  • If you are traveling in the Virgin Economy light, you must buy the baggage allowance separately as it does not come with the reserved ticket.
  • The Virgin Atlantic baggage allowance international flights differ from the domestic flight allowances. You are allowed to take a single piece of baggage with you for free. 

Measurement Restrictions

  • Whether you are an Economy Classic or Delight traveler, you are allowed to take one checked bag to the flight for free. But the bag must not exceed the standard weight and measurement decided by the airline- 50 lbs and 90x75x43 cm, respectively.
  • When you book the Premium Cabin, the airline allows you to carry two baggage pieces with you. Bags must not exceed the standard measurement of 90x75x43 cm, and weight should not be above 50 lbs each. 
  • While if you booked Upper Class, you could take two baggage pieces with you to the flight for free. The bags can weigh around 70 lbs, and the measurement should be up to 90x75x43 cm for each bag.
  • When a lap infant accompanies you, you can take a bag of 50 lbs for them. But if seated infants or children accompany you, the baggage allowance stays the same for them as for adults.

Baggage allowance for students

  • Virgin Atlantic baggage allowance for students is designed for students who are planning to study abroad. 
  • The airline leverages the students with exclusive rewards and offers if they book a flight with Virgin Atlantic.
  • As per the airline, students will be able to carry 87 kg of baggage in the Upper-Class cabin of Virgin Atlantic.
  • If you are booking a Premium and Economy Classic/Delight, you can carry 69 kg of baggage.

With Virgin Atlantic's flexible policies, booking and checking in made effortless and seamless. The Virgin Atlantic baggage allowance is introduced to benefit travelers by carrying as much baggage as possible on the flight. Whenever you feel stuck somewhere with baggage allowances, you can take assistance from the Virgin Atlantic service line.

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