How much do I need to pay for an extra legroom seat at British Airways?

British Airways tries its best to make your journey comfortable and luxurious by leveraging extra legroom seats for its travelers. Generally, an extra legroom seat can cost you up to $75. You can choose an extra legroom seat at your convenience while booking a ticket and checking in for your flight. However, the seat you select is offered free or extra depending on several factors, including fare type and travel class service. 

If you have selected hand baggage only fares, you can get your seat as an extra. The easiest way to check the British Airways extra legroom seat cost is by visiting the airline Manage My Booking section. Here, you can find all-inclusive details about choosing an extra legroom seat from British Airways.

If You Are Traveling in First Class

When you purchase a first-class ticket, you get a free seat for your booking. Below mentioned are the scenarios of booking extra legroom seats and the charges involved:

For Executive Club Members

  • If you have an executive club membership, the seat you reserve depends on the tier of booking, like for gold/one world Emerald tiers, you get free seat selection while booking a ticket.
  • When you have a Silver/Oneworld Sapphire reservation, you get a free seat selection for everyone in the booking.
  • You get a free selection for Bronze/Oneworld Ruby reservations at least seven days before departure.

For Flexible and Semi-Flexible Tickets

  • If you have Flexible Fares or Plus Flex allows you to reserve your seats without paying any extra charges.
  • The Semi-Flexible Fares or Plus fare allows you to reserve seats for free up to 48 hours before the departure.
  • British Airways remains flexible with its seat selection conditions so that you lead a seamless journey. 

British Airways extra legroom seat selection

But, if you don’t know the type of your ticket, you can check it out on the How to reserve your seat section before processing the British Airways extra legroom seat selection. Need more information? The next section can guide you about essential details if you travel with your family.

When You Travel With Your Family

  • It is very genuine if you want your family members to sit together while covering the distance to your trip location. 
  • If you prefer British Airways, it is beneficial to book your seat in advance. 
  • However, if you miss out on the seat selection process while booking the ticket, the airline tries its best to help you sit with the family members.
  • But first, you need to inform the airline about the same a few days before the flight’s departure so that the airline can make necessary arrangements. 
  • If children accompany you under 12 years, the airline ensures that they sit with an adult. 
  • When an infant accompanies you under two years, you get free seats for yourself as the infant won’t need a seat. 

If you face trouble selecting an extra legroom seat, you can contact British Airways customer service for a hassle-free experience. The agents can help you determine the fare type you selected while booking the ticket. Also, the professionals can provide you assistance with the seat selection; hurry up!

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