How much does cancelling an Allegiant Air flight cost?


Are you wondering about how much it costs to cancel an Allegiant Air flight? If you're wondering about cancelling an Allegiant Air flight and want to know how much that will cost, you've reached the right place. If you cancel an Allegiant Air flight, you should agree to the airline's terms and conditions to determine when and how much you will be charged. For more information about the Allegiant cancellation fee and other important details please go through the sections below.

What is the cost of cancelling an Allegiant Air flight?

Whenever you need to cancel a booking due to an unforeseeable emergency, you will have to pay a fixed amount of cancellation fee. To figure out how much does the Allegiant cancellation cost, read the points below.

  • Allegiant Airlines charges a $75 cancellation fee, which may vary slightly based on the trip or itinerary that a passenger is flying.

What is the flight cancellation policy of Allegiant Air?

In the case of emergencies, Allegiant Air allows passengers to cancel their scheduled flight tickets and receive a refund. More information regarding the Allegiant cancellation policy can be found in the following points.

  • Allegiant Airlines flight cancellation service allows travelers to cancel a scheduled flight 24 hours from the time of purchase if the planned departure is more than 7 days away without paying a fee.
  • When a traveler cancels an Allegiant Air flight ticket beyond 24 hours from the time of booking, they must pay the additional fee imposed by the airline.
  • Allegiant Air offers a full refund if a flight is cancelled within 7 days of departure in the passenger's original payment method.
  • If a flight is non-refundable, the airline will provide a future voucher which the traveler could use to make a new flight purchase or buy any other services as well.
  • If an Allegiant Airlines delay is caused for more than three hours, travelers should be able to cancel the reservations without incurring an additional cost, as long as the cancellation regulations are followed.
  • Allegiant Air cancellation service is offered to passengers via an online system accessible through the airline's website.

From above, you can get the most accurate information about the cost that Allegiant Air would charge for a flight cancellation by someone due to an emergency. At the same time, by going through the above details, you may learn more about the airlines cancellation policy. Furthermore, the airline's customer service staff is always there to answer any questions you may have, whether it is about a flight cancellation or a new booking.

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